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The more information you complete the more sophisticated matching can occur in the Job Alert Service e.g. if you enter preferred salary and contract rates then oil job details will only be mailed if they are within certain limits. This also applies if you enter any country work permits that you possess. Additionally, this short registration will provide enough information for our recruiters to perform the sophisticated searches that our skilled and highly technical oil and gas industry demands, in order to find people directly for roles. (N.B. The more complete the information you provide, the better the ranking in the searches.)
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For the Keywords please enter your areas of expertise (max. 300 characters. Please do not press the ENTER key between the words). This may relate to your course modules, research areas and any industry experience.
Please enter a brief profile that best describes your achievements, abilities and job expectations. This may include areas where you have demonstrated team-work, leadership, analytical abilities, problem solving, aspects of key research including university dissertations. We suggest you review a few profile examples. We suggest 100 words (600 characters is the maximum allowed, including spaces) and please do not press the ENTER key between the lines. We reserve the right to make minor editing changes for reasons of accuracy and to maintain a good, consistent standard of English.
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Please select a CV in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) or Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. Please do not upload scanned, or password protected, CV documents as they cannot be processed by our sophisticated systems.
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1) Headhunts - our Recruitment Team would like to email you selected job opportunities that they deem match your skills, work permits and aspirations. However, you can choose to be active, passive or not interested in receiving any communication regarding job opportunities.
Actively Seeking - I am happy for you to call me to discuss opportunities that you deem appropriate.
Passively Seeking - I am happy to receive the job opportunities but would prefer not to be called unless I apply for the role.
No Headhunts - I confirm that I am not interested in receiving communications regarding job opportunities. I will apply online where interested.
2) Job Alerts - I wish to be informed of new jobs by email automatically, that match my registered preference below.
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3) Third Party I would like to receive information regarding special events (some discounted) that match my skills/expertise (e.g. training, conferences, workshops, fieldtrips).
The following sections are optional for initial registration. However, the more complete your registration the better our recruiters will be able to match your details against current and all new job vacancies. So if you have a few moments to spare, the effort could really help your chances to find your next career move.
Work Permits
Please add your work permits by filling out the fields below and pressing the Add button. If your permit allows you to work in the country without constraint, then enter 'unconditional' in the 'Type, Validity, and Conditions' field.
Country Type, Validity, and Conditions
Please add your skills by filling out the fields below and pressing the New button. The Skill name dropdown list is dynamically populated when you select a category and displays the 15 most popular skills registered for that category. Alternatively, start typing in the skill textbox and the system will try to match your entry against skills already registered.
Category Name Years Last Used Proficiency Cert.
Please tick here if you would like to be automatically registered on our new website, Book-4.com. This is the first consolidated ‘Training and Events Marketplace’ for the Energy Industry and hosts; scheduled, online, FREE and discounted events in our industry.
Please tick the following box if you are planning on attending PETEX 2018 in London, Olympia from 27-29 November 2018.

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