Energy Industry Jobseeker Profile Examples

The following are just some examples of energy industry jobseeker profiles. We have categorised them into different professions.
  • Exploration Geologist
    with 15 years hands-on unconventional gas exploration in Gulf of Mexico basins. Deep understanding of Plays, Leads, and Prospects, for unconventional plays. Strong organisational, interpersonal and practical experience. A committed trainer and mentor, meticulous researcher and problem solver who communicates well with other disciplines (geoscientist, drillers) and departments.
  • Exploration Geologist
    with 20 years of experience in regional and prospect-specific O&G exploration and production activities with extensive exposure to development projects in the North Sea in various depositional (Carbonate and Siliciclastic) and structural settings. Broad experiences ranging from feasibility studies to final stages. Proven leadership skills - driving quality, timeliness, and profitability in dynamic and integrated teams.
  • Exploration Geologist
    with comprehensive experience in exploration, development, reservoir geology, seismic interpretation, geophysics, and engineering across up-stream oil and gas production. With 25 years’ experience, adept at providing solutions, advice and recommendations to organisations leading to new vertical and horizontal discovery wells, completion, testing, and hydrocarbon-bearing reservoirs production. Skilled in client contract negotiations, report writing, quality control, data integration, and land sales. Interested in challenging roles where technical advice and leadership skills can add value to enhanced production.
  • Geologist
    A competent and enthusiastic geologist with recent experience of a High Pressure / High Temperature gas condensate production well in the North Sea. Experienced in dealing with problems in a resourceful and analytical manner, reviewing methods to achieve the desired objectives. Possesses good organisational, team and interpersonal skills gained in the work environment. Has good theoretical knowledge and practical experience of geology. Would like full time position that stretches ability and stimulates development.
  • Mudlogger
    A hardworking, self motivated individual who has an excellent practical understanding of the oil and gas exploration industry and of wellsite geology. Highly computer literate, having obtained extensive experience during university studies and has further developed these skills in the workplace. Invaluable experience in highly specialised software, both in the oil and water industry. Accustomed to working with large data sets and analysing and interpreting them with the help of graphics software. Seeking a position within a data management or a software support/IT related position.
A broad based Technical Professional with a strong reservoir/petroleum engineering background and extensive knowledge of Oil and Gas Exploration and Production. Excellent analytical and E&P modelling/computer skills, able to prepare and evaluate complex life-cycle development schemes and pursue ambitious exploration and appraisal strategies. Fully aware of studies work-flow and the required integration of geoscience and engineering data to maximise assets value. Commercially focused with a keen sense of business development.
  • Exploration Geophysicist
    A hi-tech., computer literate and highly motivated geophysicist with experience in the North Sea and UK Atlantic Margin, who believes in technical excellence and seeks innovative solutions to geoscientific problems. A good academic background with an M.Sc. in Exploration Geophysics. Experience of seismic interpretation, prospect generation; equity determination; AVO analysis, computer mapping and 3D visualisation. Seeking to continue career as an Exploration Geophysicist.
  • Senior Geophysicist
    A versatile and highly skilled Geophysicist with 8 years industry experience, and wide ranging expertise from interpretation in exploration and resource development to 3D depth imaging technology development and application using a wide range of geoscience software. Adept at working and communicating across disciplines and management levels. Has been both a popular and highly effective contributor to each of the teams worked with.
  • Data QC Leader
    A Senior Quality Control Geophysicist with six years E&P experience in the North Sea, West Africa and the Gulf of Mexico. Knowledge of seismic and navigation processing, computer systems administration and all aspects of marine exploration. Objective is to develop a career that provides a challenge to this candidate's abilities and offers an opportunity to further knowledge. Looking for a position that will both geophysical skills as well as managerial experience.
  • Business Development Manager
    Worldwide Business Development Manager in the Oil and Gas industry. 22 Years experience, mostly in senior management roles overseas and in the UK. Responsible for identification and pursuit of potential business opportunities, financial and strategic analysis, organisation and business model recommendations.
  • Technical Manager
    A geologist by training, with broad working background, covering most technical (regional studies, prospect generation and field studies), operational, commercial and managerial aspects of petroleum exploration and appraisal. Experience gained in South Africa, Angola, Morocco, Libya, Australia and the Norwegian sector of the North Sea.
  • General Manager
    A versatile manager of change in a global environment with strong bottom-line drive and leadership qualities. A senior manager who has made the change from a top professional technical level to general management with specific expertise in: a) Leading and motivating people to perform in a climate of constant change. b) Negotiating and building lasting relationships globally with companies and governments. c) Identifying problems and implementing effective and innovative management and IT solutions.
  • Geotechnical Sales & Marketing Manager
    A Geotechnical Sales and Marketing manager with an excellent knowledge of the marine civil engineering, geotechnical, and geological industries. Excellent sales, marketing, and business development skills supported by good inter-personal communication skills built on sound management training and experience gained over a period of 20 years. Computer literate, with extensive experience with most commonly used word, spreadsheet, and graphic packages. Honest, flexible, entrepreneurial, communicative, loyal, supportive, good at working in teams, internationally experienced and determined to see projects succeed.
  • Business Development Manager
    Managerial experience in business development with particular expertise in the Middle East and Africa. Well developed entrepreneurial and presentation skills. Client focused and result driven. Excellent understanding of petroleum and project economics and the oil industry business environment. A qualified petroleum and offshore engineer with broad overview of oilfield technology. Looking for a position in the UK.
  • Customer Support Consultant
    A customer support consultant for a service company. Specialised in geophysics and mapping, providing the following services: hotline and on-site support for clients throughout the world, on-site support, QC of seismic data, Pre-Stack-Depth-Migration and Mapping functionalities. Experience of support and management of software evaluation, and responsible for testing all the fixes and the new functionalities within the department.
  • Technical Assistant
    Competent technical support specialist with the flexibility to tackle a wide variety of task and the capacity to learn new one. Excellent experience in loading marine and onshore seg-y data to GeoQuest IESX and providing application support in this package. Good general IT skills, supporting a large group of geoscientists.
  • Senior Geoscientist
    A geoengineer working in the field of subsurface integration bridging the gap between the geoscience and reservoir engineering disciplines. Primary strength is in designing, implementing and delivering new reservoir modelling tools and techniques providing solutions for specific business decisions. Works effectively with customers to transfer technology and results.
  • Technical Support Analyst
    A professionally qualified & technically competent Support Analyst, with 9 years experience in oil & gas exploration. Technical skills include Landmark System Management, ZMap Plus, Geolog, UNIX System Administration, C and Perl Programming. Enjoys challenging tasks which provide professional development and growth. Works and interacts effectively as a team member. Keen to develop new skills and improve work processes.
  • Exploration Geoscientist
    An exploration geoscientist with experience of working in 2 large international oil companies. Excellent geotechnical skills. Experienced in exploration regional play fairway analysis and prospect generation on both the U.K. Continental shelf (U.K.C.S.) and Norwegian sectors. Commercial acumen. Excellent communicator adept at forming hypothesis and articulating ideas to senior managers and partners alike. Team player. Computer literate: Highly literate in both UNIX and PC based applications. Looking for an opportunity either exploration or development. Willing to move to Aberdeen
  • Senior Geocomputing Consultant
    An experienced IT professional. performing system installations: install Landmark Software, integrate existing systems, advise on future system upgrades and system management. Aid customers in developing long term strategies for future of their solution. Customer base primarily oil and gas companies with world wide locations. As such job entails considerable travel, often to difficult locations requiring considerable technical knowledge and self reliance to produce a deliverable for the customer.
  • IT Support Analyst
    A highly skilled IT professional, competent in systems support and programming. Attracted by the fast moving IT/IS environment and is look for a position where he could take on more responsibility with the opportunity to enhance his career. Currently responsible for assisting with the implementation of new information systems and providing full user support in a netware environment.
  • Independent Consultant
    Independent consultant who manages IT products from beginning to end with competent professionals, using a combination of excellent IT expertise, advanced leadership skills, world renown communication strategies and the best accelerated-learning techniques. Able to deliver IT projects on time and on budget.
  • Senior Systems Analyst
    A Senior Systems professional with over twelve years of full project life cycle experience including development, support, and training in the technical systems area of the oil and gas industry. Project leader roles for systems migration, integration, and third party software implementation. A grass roots, can do, approach resulting in ongoing customer satisfaction through understanding of user issues and constraints. Strong customer orientation also reflected in ability to develop and deliver effective training to both technical and non-technical audiences Excellent analytical skills resulting in high problem solving ability. Adaptability to various working conditions including a multi-national workforce, a minimal supervision or team environment.
A geostatistics masters graduate with a multi-disciplinary background. Enjoys learning new skills and is confident and experienced working in different cultures and / or countries. Mature attitude with a keen eye for detail. Excellent presentation and motivational skills. Good all round PC and UNIX aptitude and has an intuitive ability to learn new software quickly. Seeking a position in the data processing / geostatistics field.

Enthusiastic and determined Geology graduate with strong organisational skills and communication skills gained from a position as Geology Society President. Showed initiative, organisational and leadership qualities when travelling abroad independently. Has a strong enthusiasm and determination for a geology career. Seeking an opportunity in the oil industry to apply knowledge, energy and motivation.

A highly motivated, adaptable PhD graduate trained in exploration seismology. Over 3 years extensive processing experience with ProMAX 3D. Keen to work with and develop new techniques and methods to maximise the potential of seismic data. A proven team player available to work world-wide
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