Energy Industry Jobseeker Testimonials

We have an impressive portfolio of retained oil and service related clients, and as such we can offer a range of job opportunities on a global basis. Our oil and gas recruitment experts are available to provide support and guidance throughout your career change. You may also wish to review our Energy Industry Employer Testimonials.
Deirdre and her team are exceptionally well tied into what's going on in the oil and gas industry, which really sets them apart in the recruitment world. Having been a client on both sides, looking for staff and looking for work myself, I can vouch for just how good they are at matching people with opportunities and managing the whole process with a personal touch
Patrick Lynch

“I have had the experience of working with a few recruiting companies, and Working-Smart by far has been the best one. From the word go, Deirdre and her staff have been extremely supportive and assertive in placing me with the right company. They have been extremely professional throughout the process, ensuring that I was up to speed for every step of the journey and also objectively advising me when I had tough personal decisions to make. I never felt alone throughout the process of job-hunting. My experience with Working Smart has been excellent and I would recommend them to anyone who is seeking a new position with a new company.” Naphtali Latter - Account Manager - London - Halliburton
Naphtali Latter

" I was headhunt into my new position by the Working Smart company. From the first contact I understood that the people working in the company are very professional in their field of business. I have been very pleased with the personal service, great assistance in the negotiation process and attention to my professional expectations. The communication with Deirdre and her colleagues through the whole process was just excellent, informal and highly efficient. They are not just Working Smart, they are Working Hard. I am grateful for their drive, attitude and excellent support."
Alexander Dementiev, VP Business Development, ION

“I worked with Deirdre and Claire through their personalized invite to apply for a Job . They were responsive, friendly and professional in reviewing my CV, matching my profile to the job description, arranging the interviews and very importantly following-up the process on my behalf. I definitely recommend Working Smart Limited to people in search of a job within the Oil & Gas industry.”
Asaad Abdollahzadeh – Associate Consultant – Halliburton

The service that Working Smart provided was, in my experience excellent. They handled my application in a timely and very professional manner. I especially appreciated Working Smarts attitude and their capabilities to give a detailed feedback. I am definitely going to recommend Working Smart to anyone I know who is looking for a job in the Oil and Gas industry.
Alex Godard – Business Development Manager – Africa – ION Geophysical

The recruitment process with Working Smart was straightforward and effective. I uploaded my details to the website and I got a call when my profile matched the right opportunity. Then, Working Smart consultants were involved and supportive along the entire recruitment process; making sure that all the interviews took place and even helped with the negotiations. I definitively recommend Working Smart as a professional recruitment agency.
Henry Garcia - Reservoir Engineer - C&C Reservoirs

Having met these people last year, I am writing to endorse a highly suitable agency, Working Smart, especially Deirdre and Claire who in many ways exceeded the challenging requirements and expectations for my contract term with a major oil and gas operator. Deirdre was extremely essential in anything related to the project process before, during and after finishing it. Claire was supportive in terms of recruitment, mobilization, and logistics. I was particularly impressed by their abilities to handle a tough client in a nice and professional manner: it seemed to come perfectly naturally to them. I am pleased to express admiration for Deirdre and Claire’s unique talents and endless support. I highly recommend this team and their services.
Rafael Sanguinetti - Decision Space Expert - Wipro

I had a great experience working with Claire Basham from Working Smart Limited. She is very reliable, friendly and professional. The process was really smooth and Claire supported me through each step. I was really impressed how Claire organized all the interview calls for me. I am also very pleased how she follow-up after each step on my behalf. Thank you! Working Smart provide great guidance and show real knowledge of the petroleum industry ensuring an excellent match of skills between employer and employee I will definitely be recommending you!
Virgil Scarlat – Account Manager - Halliburton

I came to know Working Smart in the summer of 2017 when i was recruited by them to deliver a fast track project for a major oil operator. Claire was very clear and helpful in outlining the project and in facilitating the on-boarding and mobilisation. Deirdre in particular was very supportive in the delivery of the service. Any business in the upstream or downstream who seeks a professional working style with transparency, commitment and high standard delivery would be well served in using Working Smart – they are definitely a prolific Company. I will particularly recommend them for challenging projects. Deirdre and Claire are both key success players in successful project delivery. I was very lucky to get to know them and work with them.
Sahar Abdullah - Petrel Specialist - Wipro

I registered with Working Smart a few months ago and uploaded my resume. It was a quick and easy process and I registered my Job Alerts. This process ensured I got to know about available job options through their “mail alerts” and also through their personalized invites to apply for Jobs. They provide a simple process to register and to apply for Oil Industry jobs. The Recruitment Consultants at Working smart guide you through the entire process. In my case they secured me a job as a Contractor so I had to set up a Limited Company, secure insurances, sign a lot of compliance documents etc. They supported me throughout the entire process. That’s so unique and an excellent service for the Oil & Gas Industry. I would highly recommend their services.
Arun Kumar - Data Solutions Architect - BP

"Having graduated as a mature student with an M-level Degree in Geological Oceanography, I applied to a number of companies through recruitment agencies. Almost immediately after registration, I was contacted by a member of the team at Working Smart, who discussed my experience and qualifications; a service that the other recruitment agencies I signed up with did not provide. As a graduate with little industry experience, they made me aware of a range of employment opportunities within the Oil & Gas industry and provided me with a professional and supportive contact that dealt with my applications personally. They really made me feel valued as a graduate seeking employment and were very active with their communication between myself and potential employers. I then applied for the position at Equipoise Software and was supported throughout the entire interview process in a professional and friendly manner, until I received a call telling me I was the successful candidate! I would highly recommend Working Smart to people in search of a career within the Oil & Gas sector, as my experience has shown me that they are the best at what they do!"
Dan Williams - Junior Sales Executive, Equipoise Software

"I registered with Working Smart to find a job in oil industry. The staff was helpful and knowledgeable. My application was assessed correctly and my skills were understood by the staff. I was referred to relevant works and asked to apply if I feel OK with the company/location. Working Smart has helped me to get a job which fits into my experience and in a very good location."
Ahmed Saeed - Structural Geologist, ALS Petrophysics

“Having recently graduated with an MSci Geology degree, I sent my CV to Working-Smart to aid in my search of my first job in Oil & Gas to begin my career. Working-Smart consistently supplied me with graduate opportunities suited to my experience and skills, and was one of the only recruitment consultancies I came across that took graduate recruitment seriously. After a short couple of months I was put forward for a position at Dolphin Geophysical. At each stage of the application process I was given friendly and personal advice, accurate information on the position and the company, and excellent feedback. The process took just over a week and I was successful in securing a fantastic position and opportunity at a leading company. I would strongly recommend Working-Smart to anyone in search of a career in Oil & Gas, both at graduate level and above.”
Benjamin James - Junior Sales Coordinator, Dolphin Geophysical

''The entire recruitment process with Working Smart has been very professional and thorough. Having dealt with other recruitment companies in the past, I was pleased with the updates and feedback I got from Working Smart at every stage of the process and they have clearly exceeded my expectation.''
Senior Geophysicist - E.On

"Not only was Working Smart smooth and professional throughout the whole process, but they also ensured that I be kept up to date, striving to answer any query, nothing being either too small or difficult to investigate. In many aspects of life, we can only go by personal experience, and mine with Working Smart was key to getting my current employment."
Colm Keenan – Instructor, TQ Training

“I have been consistently impressed with Working Smart over the years. Their understanding of the jobs marketplace in the Oil & Gas sector is second to none. A highly professional and friendly team have all of the experience necessary to guide you through the recruitment process. Thanks again for helping to make my transition a seamless one”
James Andrew – Business Development Manager EAME, Fugro Airborne

“I can't thank you enough for all your help finding me my new position, my old job was really taking its toll on me, I was so stressed, and so busy that I just had no time to devote to lengthy internet searches. So when your email arrived in my in-box out of the blue detailing this very interesting vacancy, I quite literally felt the weight in my shoulders lifting. Happily I was asked to interview, and very quickly afterwards was offered the job. I just would not have seen this position advertised if it were not for the Working Smart team. The team is now on the case trying to place my husband (Geological Data Administrator) in a position nearby too, which is so helpful and really considerate; this will hopefully help both of us to settle down south.”
Julie Roddy – Senior Petroleum Geology Analyst, C&C Reservoirs

“Thanks to Working Smart, I now have a job I am very happy in. The patience with which the consultants at Working Smart have dealt with my application is commendable. Working Smart gave me job choices to make the best possible career choice. At each step of the job process, the consultants gave me their honest opinion and guided me through the process where required. I have not seen many consultancies that concern themselves with an individual. I can recommend Working Smart to any job seekers, who may not have had success in the past. I believe Working Smart is the best in the business.”
Malvika Nagarkoti – Petroleum Engineer, Circle Oil

“Working Smart has offered me an absolutely fantastic service which finally ended up by placing me in a multinational E&P company. My point of contact in working smart was a highly trained recruitment consultant who guided me through every stage during my interview process till the signing of contract. I really appreciate their efforts and I can confidently recommend Working Smart to any oil and gas professional.”
Muhammad Daanyal – Production Engineer, EON

Working smart provided me with the personal one to one service missing in many companies these days. I was emailed personally about a job by a recruitment consultant and given advice on the job. The personal contact continued through the interview process and finally, the job offer. I was able to have a point of contact which I found beneficial throughout.
Kevin Halabuza - Storage Coordinator - Kirk Petrophysics

I am settling into my new role with BP and with the rest of the team, I’m working with and they have been really welcoming. I wanted to say a massive thank you to all the staff at Working Smart for helping to find me such a fantastic position. Your patience and tenacity in securing my contract were very much appreciated.
Subsurface Business Analyst at BP

“Working Smart impressed me with their personal attention, good planning and valuable advice during all periods of recruitment. The way Working Smart captures and presents the relevant information situates them above other recruitment companies within the oil and gas industry.”
Ana-Maria Ionescu – Well Data Manager, Venture

I am so grateful to Working Smart Company for finding appropriate position for me, versatile help in every stage of recruitment process, personal attention, helpful hints and encouragement. Professionalism and effectiveness in the field of seeking job and recruiting in Oil/Gas Industry make Working Smart the best among this sort of Companies.
Jacek Drzycimski – Marine Seismic Processor, ION-GXT

My experience with Working Smart was great, through every stage of the employment process, they were always in-touch making sure that I was fully briefed about the outcome of every stage. Working smart people truly work smart.
Ayodeji Adeniji - Junior Geoscience Support Specialist - IHS

I recently obtained a job through Working Smart's Global Petroleum Recruitment service. The job placement was swiftly accomplished and the match between me and my company is ideal. The Working Smart Consultant was professional and genuinely interested in the outcome of my interview and placement. I was impressed and pleased by the quality of communication and instructions from Working Smart. I highly recommend their agency.
Jael Sprinkle, Geoscience Technical Assistant, ARKeX

“You can't find a better recruitment company than Working Smart for professionalism, caring and advice. Working Smart matched my skills up with the right job at the right employer and I am back on track for real career advancement within the Oil and Gas industry.“
John Huggett - Thin Section Specialist, Kirk Petrophysics

"Working Smart has very highly skilled professionals with drive and ability, which greatly aided my job search. It was their experience and understanding that helped in matching my capabilities to my new employer's requirement. This made good business sense and I feel we are a perfect fit."
Henry Akpan - Production Engineer, IHS

“Working Smart, is a great recruitment company that has used their critical insight and knowledge of the oil and gas industry to affect lives in many positive ways. They have handled the recruitment process in a smart and professional way that gives both employers and employees a hassle free service during and after the recruitment process. More so, Working Smart’s recruitment consultants have great attitudes with ebullient spirits that provide an avenue for a win-win relationship. I am immensely delighted to be associated with this great company”
Olusegun Kolawole - Senior Customer Solutions Advisor, IHS

I would like to say that Working Smart have been excellent during the whole recruitment process. You make looking for a new job so much easier, provide great guidance and show real knowledge of the petroleum industry ensuring an excellent match of skills between employer and employee. Working Smart is a very professional company who keep you up to date with the status of your application at every stage. I would definitely recommend Working Smart for anybody looking for a new career in the Petroleum Industry.
Debra Clothier, Processing Geophysicist, ARKeX.

I want to thank Working Smart for the courtesy, professionalism and the friendly and passionate way they conducted the whole selection process. It has been a pleasure dealing with the Working Smart team. I will recommend Working Smart without hesitation to any colleague looking for a job in O&G industry.
Dario Guzzetta, Support Engineer, Petris

I had been privy to Working Smart since leaving University some 10 years ago. Their services provided the momentum and options which would lead to a career progression in the industry. As a recruitment company, there is no doubt that their differentiator has to be the personal touch they offer. The Recruitment Officer, Office Manager and the Managing Director immersed themselves in making sure the right options and the necessary support were available prior and subsequent to interviews in order to make sure all parties involved were in the know and reading off the same page, something which is incredibly important when candidates livelihoods and families interests are at stake. A personal touch together with the professionalism and efficiency it brings, means Working Smart will be the first port of call should I or a friend in the industry need an alternative employer in the future.
Ashley Taylor, Global Account Manager

Working smart gives the personal touch to the ever more competitive petroleum job market. The guidance and support given throughout the interview process; from careful skills matching to speedily dealing with all enquiry's from myself to my prospective employer; have made my transition into the oil and gas industry a pleasant one.
Emma Hamilton, Junior Geoscience Support Specialist, IHS

I have been blown away by the way Working Smart has treated me like an individual and not just a candidate number. They are encouraging, attentive and knowledgeable of not just their discipline but also mine, something I have never come across in a recruitment consultancy. There is no blanket approach but a tailored service enabling an excellent match of skills and capabilities to the perfect job
Asisat Lamina, Halliburton Consulting, Halliburton

Working Smarts attentiveness in dealing with the employee and the employer, and the accuracy in the selection by the recruiters matching the needs of the companies make Working Smart my favourite recruitment company without any doubt
Andrea Marcuzzi, Well Data Management Consultant, Petris

I appreciate the opportunity to express my gratitude to Working Smart. During the whole recruitment process, Working Smart proved to be a highly professional company, knowing their business comprehensively to be able to find the right position for their candidates. I especially appreciated their friendly guidance, which is supported by individual attention at all stages. I would recommend Working Smart with pleasure to anybody looking for new opportunities within the petroleum industry.
Marcin Przywara, Geoscientist, PGS Reservoir Ltd.

I would use this opportunity to express my appreciation for Working Smarts professional and friendly manner in handling the recruitment process. It was a pleasant experience to search for jobs through Working-Smart. The attentive and supportive guidance at each step of the process made me to feel like I met an old friend who helped me in finding and secure my ideal job. I have started to recommend your excellent service to my colleagues who are searching to improve their careers.
Monica Ghioca, Petrophysicist

Working Smart provided a superlative service throughout my job placement process. The staff are very professional and extremely helpful in all aspects of preparing me for the numerous jobs available in the oil industry. I was amazed at the number of job openings of which Working Smart made me aware. Even though I had the required experience and skills, Working Smart was highly instrumental in matching these to a reputable company. Securing a first role in the UK has been far easier than I thought, thanks to Working Smart
Blessed Ogbuzulu, Consultant, Venture Information Management

Through the website of Working Smart I found an interesting job as a 'survey operations coordinator' and applied for it. Working Smarts staff was very helpful and called me immediately to discuss job details. Everything was arranged well including an interview in the UK resulting in a good offer being made to me. The personal approach of Working Smart, the short reaction time on questions and the effort to come to an agreement from both sides have been much appreciated. I can recommend the company to everyone.
Willem Knoops, Survey Operations Coordinator, ArkeX

It was a truly refreshing experience to apply for a job through Working-Smart. They provided a supportive and professional service where there were real people to speak to from the beginning to the end, which helped me to secure my first career job.
Jennifer Bromley, Sales Coordinator, SMT

Relating to my experience Working Smart is not only providing information about jobs on the market, but are in fact professional and a friendly team, which went with me throughout the recruitment process, with feedback conversations and further guidance. I would highly recommend Working Smart to anyone seeking new, and top quality opportunities.
Tatyana Nevskaya, Recall Well Data Support Specialist, Venture

Woking Smart not only provided personal attention, useful guidance and encouragement but most important they ensured an excellent match of job and skills between employee and employer. Without doubt, Working Smart is the best International Petroleum Recruitment Company in the industry.
ir. Juliette Jaspers, M.Sc, Senior Geophysicist, Middle East

“After a lengthy and frustrating time privately approaching companies in the petroleum industry for work, I found Working Smart. I was immediately able to browse through the details of numerous positions online and then apply for those, which were suitable for me and my skill set. As changing jobs was something I had not done before I had several questions, which were fielded by Working Smart in such a way that put me at ease and resolved any worries that I had. I would definitely recommend Working Smart to anybody looking for a position in the petroleum industry”.
Tom Hancock, Geophysicist

Thank you Working Smart for your attentive and proactive help in finding me an exciting position with American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG). You have always been on the end of a telephone to help with any questions and the recruitment process went very smoothly.
Jeremy Richardson – Director Europe AAPG

I was recently placed by Working Smart in the role of V.P. of Sales. Throughout the recruitment process the information, feedback and support provided to me was excellent and timely, enabling me to make informed assessments and ultimately a very positive decision. As a headhunting and recruiting organisation I recommend them highly.
Chris Cottam, V.P. of Sales, Stingray Geophysical Ltd

I am very pleased with the high standards of business kept by Working Smart and the individual attention the recruiters pay to every candidate. I am in no doubt that I have chosen the right recruitment company. Being a graduate, I would like to extend a special thanks to your associated website and your Career Advice section that covers CV writing, cover letters, interview tips and so much more.
Ayrat Sirazhiev, Seismic Data Processor

"I was headhunt and recruited into my current role as Well data QC Supervisor through Working Smart. As a register member, I was contacted in a friendly and professional way after my skills matched a job opening they had, I can not but say, thank you for making my dream a reality, and I would highly recommend Working Smart to both employers and candidates looking for jobs in the upstream oil & gas industry.”
Andrew Egogo, Well data QC Supervisor, DPTS

I was recruited into my new role as an Imaging Geophysicist by Working Smart shortly after finishing my PhD. Their accurate advertising, clear communications during the recruitment process and ability to match a candidate's skills to a company's needs have impressed me. I am very happy in my new role and recommend using Working Smart to anyone else who has recently graduated.
Alex Chappell, Imaging Geophysicist, GXT

Working Smart has offered me an excellent service, in fact it is through its recruitment process and facilities that I have found my last two jobs in the Oil Industry. Everybody at Working Smart has been very kind, and in fact extremely helpful in procuring interviews. Also their on-line personal information management, provided by their Internet site, has proven to be effective and easy to use. I can only suggest to anyone looking for a career change in the Oil Industry to submit CV and related information to Working Smart; and they will do the rest.
Fabio Copponi, Subsurface IT Advisor, Gaz de France Suez

I had been registered with Working Smart for many years, but had indicated that I was only interested in specific opportunities. Every now and then they would send jobs that matched my interests, but the timing wasn't right. Then, suddenly, things changed and the very next opportunity they sent me was just what I was looking for! Working Smart's matching of candidates to job opportunities is outstanding, their staff are professional and their website offers a quick way to upgrade your interests and availability. I would recommend everybody to register with Working Smart, even if not currently thinking of moving. The next opportunity may be perfect for you!
Ross Davidson, Country Manager, ION UK Ltd

I would consider myself to be fortunate enough to come across Working Smart. I finished my Masters with emphasis on the Macroeconomics of Oil and Gas and the Global economy. I really wanted to find a career that will marry my I.T. background with my interests in Oil and Gas processes. When I eventually came across Working Smart Ltd online, I found their website to be the richest (content wise) of all recruitment sites out there, with a dedicated emphasis to the Oil and Gas sector. The staff at Working Smart made my job application very simple and clear. When it finally came to deciding on the exact job I wanted, they provided me with an open and honest communication channel that helped convey my interests to my new employer; that in fact was a major factor for accepting my new job as a Product Consultant. I would definitely request Working Smart's service in the future and would also recommend them to anyone.
Yinka Adejumo, Product Consultant, 8over8 Ltd

Working Smart appears to know their business. They have only contacted me about positions that have been relevant and interesting to my career and I have been impressed with their guidance and follow through of the recruitment process. I am happily working in a position secured through their services.
Campbell Smith, Senior Field Projects Engineer/Geophysicist, ArkeX

My skills and qualifications were matched to my present role to great detail; it was as if Working Smart Consultants were mind readers. More interesting was the fact that I had only registered with them for just a month. I am of the opinion that Working Smart comes highly recommended to both clients and candidates alike, as they focus more on the best person for the job.
Olusayo Alabi, GIS Analyst, Technical Systems, Nexen Petroleum U.K. Ltd

Working Smart contacted me about a position which was exactly what I was looking for, and would otherwise not have heard about had I not signed up. They organized my interview for me as well, which was a great help - probably one of the most stress-free job applications I've ever undertaken. Throughout the course of my application, from beginning to my eventual employment, Working Smart have been quick and efficient in getting things done and I'd recommend them to anyone looking to pursue a career in the oil industry.
James McTurk, Marine Seismic Data Processor, Geokinetics Processing UK Ltd

I found the service provided by Working Smart to be very personalised and tailored to my specific career aims and requirements. There was excellent communication throughout the process of recruitment and I have found a rewarding position as an Interpretation Geophysicist as a result.
Feargal Murphy, Interpretation Geophysicist, ARK Geophysics

Working Smart is very professional in handling recruitment ensuring that both clients and candidates get the best or at least a fair deal. I found the consistent and valuable advice offered by their agents at all stages of recruitment very helpful. I was particularly impressed that they kept to their word in re-arranging an interview for me after allowing me some time to acquire a work permit. And I got the same job in the end! This is very different to all other agencies I have dealt with; consequently, I would be happy to use their services in the future and recommend them to anyone.
Eyo Ekanem, Junior Geoscience Support Specialist, Petris

I found Working Smart on the internet. I applied to a posted job and was recruited as the Operations Manager for a new startup in Egypt. The recruitment process was conducted professionally and fairly. I was kept well informed during the entire process and it was really great to be able to ask candid questions through Working Smart rather than directly to the employer. I have no hesitation in recommending them to candidates. As well, I plan to retain them in the future to help me fill positions that I may require.
Dan Bartsch, Operations General Manager, Vegas Oil & Gas

I was recently headhunted for the position of Business Development Manager. Working Smart Ltd was extremely insightful to matching my skills to the job requirements, and very efficient in understanding the employer’s needs, and conveying these to me coherently and subsequently throughout the process, in following up on both sides to ensure that the interview and selection process took place efficiently with accurate information between prospective employer and employee. Working Smart is a true specialist in its field and I will definitely utilize their services for my employment needs in the future, as well recommending them to friends and colleagues.
Jaafar Altaie, Business Development Manager, Ion Geophysical Corporation

I was registered with Working Smart for an eight month period during which time they regularly emailed opportunities for my consideration, I finally took a position with a new employer who headhunted me through Working Smarts on-line recruitment services. Working Smart always acted with discretion and professionalism, I would certainly recommend them to others.
Chris Godsave, Applications Specialist, Venture

I consider myself extremely lucky to come across Working Smart Ltd. International Petroleum Consultancy, as I have received an immediate response within 10 minutes from submitting my C.V on a job vacancy advertised for a Business Development Manager for Egypt and North Africa. Not just a reply by e-mail as anyone would expect, but several phone calls followed for setting up a phone interview with my new employer who offered me the job same day I had that call. The service provided to me as a candidate by Working Smart was excellent. I was consistently provided with extensive and accurate information relating to my new employer and each stage of the selection process was followed up with feedback conversations and further guidance. Their personal attention and thoughtful matching of individual to company needs invariably creates an excellent match and ensures a win-win situation. I would have no hesitation in recommending Working Smart to any of my experienced colleagues.
Reda El Sakka Business Development Manager, I-O Egypt and North Africa.

Working Smart has an excellent web-based user-interface that enables you to comprehensively record your skills and experience. Once you have taken time to complete the registration form correctly, your job-seeking task is made much easier by virtue of receiving emails relevant to your precise job preferences. Recommended jobs will be highlighted on the website, or perhaps you will be head-hunted. Once you have applied for a position, things can move quickly, backed up by personal support from Working Smart to ensure you are thoroughly prepared at each stage of the application.
Andrew Long, Geological Technical Support Specialist, Geosoft

I have been very pleased with the service provided by Working Smart. Unlike other recruitment agencies they are discrete and efficient. They are as well the best Oil & Gas recruiting agency I’ve came across by having a wide range of offers and providing the perfect match for you.
Renaud Meunier, Geocomputing Software Engineer

Just a note to thank you all for all your efforts over the last few months with my job application for Paradigm. It’s worked out well. I will have no hesitation in recommending Working Smart to any of my friends in the industry looking for a new job.
Jonathan Smith, Geological Support Specialist, Paradigm

After sending tens of copies of my CV to many headhunters in the UK I came across Working Smart Ltd. website. A few days later it turned out that it was a "BINGO". I was put on the fast track of recruitment process with full assistance from Working Smart consultant and successfully went through two-step interview. I am very happy about my new position as a source technician and truly recommend Working Smart Ltd. with their professional approach.
Bartlomiej Kucharczyk, Source Technician, MTEM

The service that Working Smart provided was, in my experience second to none. They handled my application in a timely and very professional manner. I especially appreciated Working Smarts attitude and their capabilities when dealing with me, the candidate. I am definitely going to recommend Working Smart to anyone I know who is looking for a job in the Oil and Gas industry.
Paola Peroni, GIS Consultant/Developer, Exprodat

The service provided by Working Smart went further than simply putting you in contact with employers. The web site contains lots of additional information for the job seeker. When reviewing the available jobs the format of the web page makes searching and applying for jobs a simple task. At all stages Working Smart provided extensive and professional information and, when appropriate, personal feedback
Richard Goodwin, Senior Field Geophysicist (marine and Land), MTEM

I have used many different recruitment consultancies during my working life. Working Smart have been by far the most efficient and professional. Their ability to match a candidate correctly to a job, that not only matches their qualifications but also their career interests and goals, sets them apart from other recruitment consultancies. I would definitely use them again and would be confident in the service they would supply.
Timothy Jones, Technical Assistant, OHM

After 25 years with the same employer, I chose Working Smart to help me find a new position. The service they provided was extremely professional and discrete. They remained in regular contact with me throughout negotiations with potential new employers, despite my prolonged absence overseas and gave expert advice on the selection of my new position. I will continue to recommend this excellent service to those like me who would search for improved career opportunity.
Jeffrey Standring, Geological Consultant, Landmark

I appreciated Working Smart during the period of my job seeking, and thank you very much for the things you did for me and I am satisfied with the services from you and your company. I will recommend and pass your company and service to my friends in the future.
Jun Yan, Petrophysical Consultant, Ikon Science

May I use this opportunity to express my appreciation for your efficient, prompt and professional manner in handling the whole process from beginning to fruition. I am indeed convinced that the entire team of Working Smart is truly clever and dedicated. I have gotten more than enough evidence to confidently recommend WS to anyone that really needs accelerated career progression.
Victor, Junior Geoscience Consultant, Landmark

Having been headhunted for several positions, Working Smart offered me very good professional advice and excellent service with regards to job seeking. I was kept informed all the way and I greatly appreciate the help given to me. The service offered was unbelievable and I feel I am very lucky to have such people representing my interests
Tim Agidee, Junior Management Consultant, Landmark

Searching for an ideal job was made easy, thanks to Working Smart. The service made available to me as a candidate by Working Smart was excellent. I was consistently provided with extensive and accurate information relating to my new organisation and each stage of the selection process was followed up with feedback conversations and further guidance. I would always recommend Working Smart to those that are job hunting
Uwem Uko, Geophysical Interpreter, Landmark

I had never thought being headhunted would have been so enjoyable and useful…but Working Smart has provided me the pertinent opportunities for major changes in my career. I was provided outstanding and professional assistance all along the recruitment process, which was extremely valuable for me. I would not hesitate and check immediately Working Smart if I were to change my job again in the future. Je n’aurais jamais cru que la “chasse à ma tête” puisse être une expérience si agréable et utile mais Working Smart m’a fournit les opportunités pertinentes pour les changements majeures dans ma carrière. Working Smart m’a également procuré une assistance remarquable et professionnelle tout au long du processus de recrutement, ce qui est inestimable pour moi. Je n’hésiterais pas et consulterais directement Working Smart si jamais je devais changer d’emploi dans le futur
MPAP, Technical Sales Manager

On receiving a Headhunting email from Working Smart for a role, as E & P Technical Assistant I never thought I would get the job, but went along anyway as I thought the interview would be good practice. Three interviews later and I was offered the job and accepted it. I was very pleased with the professional approach of the team at Working Smart on keeping me up to date with interviews and such. I was also very happy with the support that was provided throughout the selection phase and even after an offer was received
Kian Hewitt, E&P Technical Assistant, Perenco

I was recruited by Landmark EAME Ltd in my new position as Senior Managing Consultant - Geophysics through Working Smart. Over a short period I was presented with a variety of well thought through and accurate matching of jobs that reflected what I was seeking. This was surely made possible by their knowledge of the industry and their system of feedback, which helps to sharpen the job search focus. I will gladly recommend their services to my colleagues
Michael Egbosimba, Senior Managing Consultant – Geophysics, Landmark

As a registered user of Working Smart my profile highlighted my new position. After applying I was in constant contact via telephone and email with Working Smart and was fully briefed as to my progress and status of my application. Working Smart was very professional in dealing with my new employers and myself. I would have no hesitation in using Working Smart again in the future
Robert Dudley, Pre-Sales Support Geoscientist, IKON

I was recruited into my new job as processing centre supervisor through Working-Smart. The service provided as candidate was very efficient, the advices they gave me very accurate. They are able to find the right place for the right candidate, recognize the qualities and abilities of each one. I will not hesitate to recommend Working Smart in the future, both to HR management, and to job seekers.
Processing Centre Supervisor, Paradigm

I want to thank you all at Working Smart for the very important role you played in helping me secure my new job. You all are indeed 'smart workers', great head hunters and I'd like to say, 'sharp shooters', because I truly feel that I'm the right person for this particular job as it definitely is the kind of job I was looking for. I will definitely never hesitate to recommend you guys for your good service to both my friends and colleagues in this industry.
Gloria Adebo nee Okobi, Geoscience Application Support Consultant, Landmark

My painless transition from one company to another their rival was made as painless as possible thanks to the professionalism and level of understanding displayed by the team at Working Smart. A potentially awkward "head hunting" exercise was transformed into an amicable transition: no step seemed too far, including out of hours phone calls in both evenings and weekends - which proved invaluable. I can't thank the team enough for making my transition to a new role, in a new company, in another country as simple as possible.
Seismic Data Administrator, Schlumberger, The Netherlands

Within the space of a fortnight I was headhunted, interviewed and recruited into the role of Support Geoscientist with a company in London. Throughout the process, I was given helpful feedback and information from Working Smart, and would thoroughly recommend them.
Nicholas Fosbery, Support Geoscientist, Petris

Having not been searching for work for a number of years, I found it extremely difficult to know where to start and wasted a great deal of time and effort on agencies who did little more than word-match my details with jobs they didn't understand. Working Smart fully understood both the technical and personal aspects of the role so I knew exactly what to expect when it came to the interview and when I started work. I would never have found this job without their help and I am especially grateful to them for taking care of the negotiation process. Ultimately, I have an excellent contract, with a prestigious company, to occupy me for the next six months and I look forward to discussing my options with Working Smart when it comes up for renewal.
Tim Brierley, Data Management Consultant

In the past I have invariably found that working with head-hunters was a bit of a hit and miss proposition. Working Smart has changed those views. In seeking a new position, Working Smart provided me with an extremely positive and professional experience, right from first contact, through the interview process and on to the hiring stage. The position offered was described perfectly, the interviews went smoothly and all the while Working Smart kept the communication channels open and frank. I would highly recommend Working Smart to anyone seeking new, top quality opportunities.
Colin Ivory, Senior Operations Geologist

I would like to take this opportunity to firstly let you know how pleased I was to receive an offer letter from GMI just before the Christmas break. Secondly, I would like to express my thanks for the pleasant and professional manner in which Working Smart kept me informed during the time from first sending my CV, through to the interview process and right up to the point of receiving the job offer. Should the occasion arise, I would most certainly recommend Working Smart to any of my business colleagues should they require the type of services you provide.
Michael Hodgetts, Sales Manager of EAME, GMI

I was ‘headhunted’ and recruited into my new role of North Sea Operations Manager through Working Smart. The service provided to me as a candidate by Working Smart was excellent. I was consistently provided with extensive and accurate information relating to my new organisation and each stage of the selection process was followed up with feedback conversations and further guidance. Based on this very personal experience I would have no hesitation in utilising Working Smart to resource key personnel in the future.
Peter Shuttleworth, North Sea Operations Manager, Samson

Working Smart provided a thoroughly professional and friendly service throughout the recruitment process, with their easy to use online database and excellent business contacts, they are the perfect partner for anyone considering a career move in the Petroleum Industry.
James Andrew Territory Sales Manager - Imaging Solutions - Input / Output Inc

I applied via the Working Smart website for the advertised position of Business Development Manager (Seismic Processing Group). As this was an executive position, Working Smart conducted an in-depth phone interview in the first instance and presented their feedback, recommendations and my details to their client. They secured an interview for me and provided valuable background information relating to the company and job prospects. Having successfully demonstrated my experience and suitability for the position at interview, Working Smart worked very well with the client and ensured that all negotiation came to a successful conclusion for me. I would recommend Working Smart to any one looking for a new position and any employers looking for suitable candidates. I was extremely pleased with the service throughout.
Ray Larijani Business Development Manager (Seismic Processing and Interpretation Services) Landmark Graphics Inc

Having dealt with recruitment consultancies in the oil industry for over 15 years Working Smart is by far the best. Their personal attention and thoughtful matching of individual to company needs invariably creates an excellent match and ensures a win-win situation.
Matthew Kennedy, Regional Business Development Manager, Venture

I applied for a position as Senior Geophysical Software Developer through Working Smart Ltd. During the whole application and selection process, Working Smart took care of me and provided much useful information and feedback. It is worthwhile to mention in particular the professional but also very personal way of collaboration. I would apply again through Working Smart at any time.
Thomas Hertweck , Senior Geophysical Software Developer , Fugro-Robertson Ltd

Thank you for the email and phone call. Thank you for sorting out my teaching arrangements, I am very glad that it has been agreed. Your service has been fantastic and thank you for all the work that you and Avril have done for me. I am delighted that GX Technology have offered me the job and that the whole situation has been so wonderfully done.
Jonathan Pye, Data Processing Geophysicist GX Technology

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