Energy Industry Jobseekers Confidentiality

Looking for a job can be a full time job! We can save you time and increase your exposure to new opportunities.
    Working Smart believes that the confidentiality of our jobseekers is paramount and as such we take every effort to ensure that their information is secure. Some of the practices that we have implemented are as follows:
  • All jobseekers are referenced via the web site by an anonymous ID number.
  • No jobseeker CV’s are retained on our web site or web server.
  • All our jobseeker details are stored on a secure, professionally managed, server.
  • We protect the identity of our jobseekers - No age, sex, nationality, or even current work titles are displayed.
  • Clients can only view the non-confidential information of our jobseekers online.
  • We have incorporated technologies that block employers from viewing all of their direct employees and subsidiary or parent company employees information.
  • No speculative CV’s are sent to employers - CV’s are only released following the jobseeker’s written confirmation of their application for a job.
  • All clients have signed our confidentiality agreement prior to receiving CV's.
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