Skills Management Solutions for the Energy Industry

"A discrete, highly pro-active service to identify and recruit candidates for board level, senior management or highly specialised technical positions."
Smart organisations must manage, develop and retain their staff whilst understanding the skills and experience available in the marketplace to support their evolving business needs. Working Smart leverages its unique skill-competency system to deliver tailored web based skills management solutions that addresses these challenges. Available management tools include:

Company skill-competency databank: Database and web data entry systems to capture and catalogue employee skills, competencies, ambitions and related information.

Skills identification: Flexible search and ranking tools to quickly identify employee availability, skills, preferences and suitability for potential projects.

Project resource specification: Web facilities to record human resource requirements for projects being planned, including specific skills and experience.

Internal resource planning: Matching of project needs with in-house capabilities and identifying skills gaps.

External resource search: Matching of project needs with external market resources, including:
  • Industry professionals seeking new permanent positions
  • Associates - consultants pre-qualified by Company
  • Other independent consultants

Monitoring, forecasting and control tools: enabling real-time strategic planning, real-time analysis and reporting.
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