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Results for Geology Oil and Renewable Energy Staff
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Candidate Id: 62452 Profession: Geology
Current Status: Graduate Preferred Status: Permanent
Energy Industry Years: 1 Preferred Salary: 20-25K EUR (100-150 EUR/day)
Availability: 1 Month Preferred Title: Geologist
Skills MS Excel, Petrel, Seismic Interpretation
Keywords: Geochemistry and Basin Modelling, Petroleum Geochemistry, Petrosys, Risk and Resource Estimation, Wellsite Geology, Exploration geology, production geology, reservoir modelling, geophysics, prospect evaluation, imperial barrel award, PETREL Petrophysical Analysis, ArcGIS, Microsoft Office, Reservoir Management, Genesis, offshore and onshore formation evaluation, 2D and 3D Seismic, Interpretation
Profile: A dynamic, trilingual, meticulous geoscientist with MSc in Petroleum Geoscience and a BSc in Applied Geology qualifications. Over one year of professional experience in well-site formation evaluation, and open-hole logs acquisition and interpretation. A passionate team player well-versed in technical, analytical and research skills coupled with a strong appetence for opportunities to develop my technical skills and professional geoscience experience.

Candidate Id: 25421 Profession: Geology
Current Status: Graduate Preferred Status: Permanent or Contract
Energy Industry Years: 0 Preferred Salary: 15-20K GBP (<100 GBP/day)
Availability: Immediate Preferred Title:
Keywords: My skills in geology include field mapping (in the Pyrenees) and structural geology, use of petrological microscope, analytical equipment including portable XRF analyser.
Profile: I am a punctual and determined person who enjoys working either in a team or independently. A technically minded person who is analytical and a strong effective communicator and pays particular attention to details. I want to pursue my carrier as a geologist.

Candidate Id: 20116 Profession: Geology
Current Status: Employed Preferred Status: Permanent or Contract
Energy Industry Years: 1 Preferred Salary: 30-35K GBP (100-150 GBP/day)
Availability: Unknown Preferred Title: Geologist
Skills Adobe, Already work in Portugal, Italy and Lybia, ARCVIEW, , English, Geolog, Internet Explorer, MS Windows NT, Portuguese, Rockworks, Spanish
Keywords: Prospection of Mineral Resources, Hydrogeology, Organic Petrology, Geologic Cartography, Cartographic Methods, Geophysicist, Computer science Applied to Geology, Geology Applied to Engineering, Study of the Geologic Structures
Profile: At the present monent I'm working in the oil business in the surface logging area. It allows me to do all type of activities related with surface logging (monitoring well activity, perform geological descriptions and analysis, elaboration of Master Log of the well, interpretation of data such as Gamma Ray, lithology, gas, oil shows…). Before that I was responsible for the execution of a company of water holes execution. Good knowledges in disciplines related with all of the branches of practical application in the area of the Geology.

Candidate Id: 24477 Profession: Geology
Current Status: Employed Preferred Status: Permanent or contract
Energy Industry Years: 11 Preferred Salary:
Availability: 1 Month Preferred Title: Wellsite/Operations Geologist
Skills ArcGIS
Keywords: Operations Geologist, Wellsite Geologist, Data Engineer, Mud Logger Geologist, Geoscientist, Geologist or any other in oil&gas sector
Profile: Petroleum geologist with more than 10 years of experience in oil&gas industry who is ready to work both in the office and/or in the field at your company.

Candidate Id: 24849 Profession: Geology
Current Status: Unemployed Preferred Status: Permanent
Energy Industry Years: 5 Preferred Salary: 25-30K GBP (<100 GBP/day)
Availability: 1 Month Preferred Title: Geoscientist/Geologist
Skills ARCVIEW, Ethernet, French, Hydraulics, MacOS, MS Excel, MS Windows 2000, MS Windows 95/98, Notebook, SigmaPlot, Swab/Surge, TCP/IP, Torque & Drag, Well Control
Keywords: Anisotropy of Magnetic Susceptibility (AMS), Demagnetization (Demag), Spreadsheets, Steroenets, Log Sections, Field Sketches and Data Collection, Mapping, Logging, Project Management, MS Project, Structured report writing, Confident people skills, Presentation prep and delivery, MS Office suite
Profile: Data Engineer with a Masters in Geology. Currently involved with database management, acquisition and graphical representation in offshore drilling for a large service company. Development of practical and professional attitude and skills in a fast paced environment, requiring constant, high levels of (verbal and written) communication skills with clients. I am currently looking for a role more geologically orientated, but still within the Oil and Gas sector allowing me to utilize the skills I have already gained.

Candidate Id: 35917 Profession: Geology
Current Status: Employed Preferred Status: Permanent or contract
Energy Industry Years: 2 Preferred Salary: 20-25K EUR (150-200 EUR/day)
Availability: Preferred Title: Wellsite Geologist, Exploration Geologist
Keywords: Academic skills: Stratigraphic and structural survey, cartographic elaboration. GPS data collection and elaboration. Carbonate and fluvial facies analysis. Paleoenviromental analysis and reconstruction. Drilling well, collecting stratigraphic and hydrogeologic well data. Elaboration and interpretation of stratigraphic and hydrogeologic data. Groundwater and heat modeling. Analytical techniques: microscopy, fluoroscopy, diffractometry, SEM, TEM, laser scanner. Softwares: ArcGis, Surfer, Feflow (2D-3D groundwater and heat modeling), DCinv (geophysical data interpretation), RMS (reservoir modeling). Working skills: Flow analysis, fracture detection, samples and core analysis, hydrocarbon analysis, microscopy, calcimetry, fluoroscopy, compilation and interpretation of drilling-formation-gas logs, gamma ray, database management, hydraulics, HPHT-deepwater-H2S-pilot-exploration-appraisal wells, rig-up and rig-down of sensors and equipment, topographic hydrogeological and geophysical investigation methods, groundwater well drilling. Softwares: Geodesk, Geolog Well Manager and Workbench (surface logging), Office.
Profile: An hardworking, enthusiastic and attentive to details geologist strongly looking for new motivations, to enlarge his knowledge and working skills in oil field industry, to apply his wide geological background achieved through academic experience. Possesses very good understanding of the oil and gas exploration industry and also very good practical understanding of wellsite geology, thanks to working as Data Engineer and Fracture Detection Specialist on the field. Has very good organisational, team, interpersonal and communication skills gained in the work environment and travelling. Very good management of mud-logging softwares for real time well monitoring, database and log compilation. Possesses good knowledge of analytic methodologies, geophysical techniques, geological survey from his academic and previous working experience. Basic knowledge of reservoir and flow-heat modeling software and geophysical data interpretation software.

Candidate Id: 26713 Profession: Geology
Current Status: Employed Preferred Status: Permanent or Contract
Energy Industry Years: 20 Preferred Salary: 90-100K GBP (600-700 GBP/day)
Availability: 1 Week Preferred Title:
Skills Basemap Plus, BHA Analysis, Charisma, CPS3, DataDrill, Geolog, IRAP, Landmark, OpenWorks, Petrel, Recall, StratLog, Wellsite, Winlog, X-GEO, ZMap
Keywords: Operation geologist-wellsite geologist-Geoscience Technical Account Manager-Trainer-log analyst
Profile: Degree qualified Engineer with over 20 years experience working in the oil and gas industry in various worldwide locations including; North Africa (Egypt/Libya/Algeria/Tunisia), West Africa (Nigeria/Congo/Gabon/Angola/Equatorial Guinea), Middle East (Saudi Arabia/Qatar), Russia, Trinidad and Europe (UK/Spain/Italy/Denmark/France). Worked in various positions including Wellsite Geologist, Mud Logger, Data Engineer, Senior Geology Instructor, Services Team Leader and Operations Geologist – currently assigned as Unit Manager - Senior Data Engineer and Wellsite Geologist.

Candidate Id: 68093 Profession: Geology
Current Status: Contractor\Self Employed Preferred Status: Permanent or contract
Energy Industry Years: 25 Preferred Salary:
Availability: 1 Month Preferred Title:
Keywords: Geology, Exploration and Development, Interpretation and Prospect Generation, Business Development and New Ventures
Profile: Globally experienced professional with 20+ years track record in operating companies, both majors & independents. A proven oil finder with contributions to significant discoveries across multiple basins and play types. Adept at both technical specialist and leadership roles.

Candidate Id: 31087 Profession: Geology
Current Status: Employed Preferred Status: Permanent or contract
Energy Industry Years: 17 Preferred Salary: 45-50K EUR (150-200 EUR/day)
Availability: 1 Week Preferred Title: -
Skills Geolog, Seismic Interpretation
Keywords: Business Development,Marketing,geology,geologist,geology software,oil,gas,sales
Profile: Developing all the oil&gas geothermal and company relation and keep good relationships.Help to the site crew for the site issues and requirements. I am a business development manager and have contacts with all of the oil & gas and geothermal companies in Turkey. Also,i am an experienced geologist has more than 17 years oil&gas drilling experience.I used many geology softwares and have good knowledges about it.

Candidate Id: 34918 Profession: Geology
Current Status: Employed Preferred Status: Permanent or Contract
Energy Industry Years: 23 Preferred Salary: 180-200K USD (800-900 USD/day)
Availability: Unknown Preferred Title:
Profile: -To utilize my extensive, well-rounded, multi-disciplinary experiences and training as an explorationist and researcher in the oil and gas industry for developing new plays and prospects, maximizing yields and economic return. -To identify stratigraphy succession and depositional system tracks of existing hydrocarbon bearing structures, sedimentary successions, and utilize my demonstrated exploration and development skills which encompass a broad spectrum of practicable, “real-world” knowledge with professional scientific skills in Sedimentology, Sequence/Seismic Stratigraphy, Petrophysics Studies, Petrography, 3D Modeling, Geochemical analysis, Reservoir Modeling and Reservoir Quality projects.

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