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Results for Geoscientist Energy Industry Staff
Your query matches 1743 Jobseekers currently looking for Energy Industry Jobs. The first 10 are shown below.
Candidate Id: 19414 Profession: Geoscientist
Current Status: Contractor\Self Employed Preferred Status: Permanent or contract
Energy Industry Years: 35 Preferred Salary: 100-120K EUR (450-500 GBP/day)
Availability: Immediate Preferred Title: Senior Exploration Geologist
Skills GEO, Geolog, Logic, Petrel, Rockware, Rockworks, SigmaPlot, Winlog
Keywords: I am a Senior geologist Engineer with 35 years in the oil industry. I gained my experience working with major oil and gas companies mainly in west Africa. For almost 20 years, I provide my services as a worldwide consultant in different G&G positions including Reservoir.
Profile: I have been carrying an experience of around 35 yrs. in multidisciplinary fields from G&G to Reservoir Engineering. from the well-recognized organizations throughout the world as an employee and as a consultant for National Oil companies and independents or indigenous E&P companies in the West Africa margin

Candidate Id: 28030 Profession: Geoscientist
Current Status: Employed Preferred Status: Permanent or contract
Energy Industry Years: 15 Preferred Salary: 60-70K GBP (600-700 GBP/day)
Availability: 1 Month Preferred Title: Production Technologist
Skills Eclipse, Petrel, PIPESIM, PROSPER, Saphir
Keywords: Production Engineering, Completion Engineering, Reservoir Simulation, Enhanced Oil Recovery, Well Performance Optimization, Well Testing, Work-Over, Petrophyisist, and Artificial Lift.
Profile: Secure a challenging engineering position where my team player attributes, experience, and communication skills can be utilized in obtaining personal career goals and those of the employer. To advance technically in the science of Petroleum Engineering and contribute to industry by participation as an International Lecturer, Consultant, and/or Mentor for Engineers entering the oil industry.

Candidate Id: 8624 Profession: Geoscientist
Current Status: Employed Preferred Status: Permanent or contract
Energy Industry Years: 28 Preferred Salary: 35-40K GBP
Availability: Immediate Preferred Title: Image Processing Geophysicist
Skills Ethos, HampsonRussell, Omega, Renegade-Seismic Studio, SeisUp
Keywords: 2D 3D seismic data processing PSTM static OBC 4C QC QA geophysicist acquistion statics business development marine land
Profile: I have a varied and wide ranging experience of the geophysical industry. I have been involved in all phases of geophysical acquisition and processing, client development, analysis and quality control (QC) procedures. My extensive industry exposure and contact base, coupled with my analytical skills in oil provinces including the Middle East, N. Africa, W. Africa and N. W. Europe would be an asset to your company. I have been involved with many demanding oil company clients, determining technological processes to enhance their data and providing solutions to their particular datasets. I have also recently gained experience with hands on marketing, tendering and contract reviewing Trained & mentored new & experienced users in new techniques including statics, noise reduction & PSTM.

Candidate Id: 45305 Profession: Geoscientist
Current Status: Unemployed Preferred Status: Permanent
Energy Industry Years: 4 Preferred Salary: 40-45K GBP (450-500 GBP/day)
Availability: Unknown Preferred Title: Geoscientist
Skills ARCGIS, Crystal Ball, , Erdas, Excel, , , Petrel, , , Seismic Interpretation
Keywords: Entrepreneurial, Innovative, Dynamic, Economist, Portfolio Analysis and Decision Making, Risk, Investment Proposals, Presentation Geophysical Analysis, Structural Analysis, Tectonics and Lithosphere Dynamics, Reservoir Geoscience, Sedimentology and Stratigraphy, Advanced structural Analysis, Regional Tectonics, Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis, Geographical Information Systems
Profile: An energized, dedicated and proactive Geoscientist and Asset Manager I am currently employed, a start-up hedge funded exploration and production company. I am part of the founding group which currently comprises of 5 people. Being part of a small team has required me to be multi-skilled in all aspects of the industry. I am a keen structural and economic geologist. I have to date completed a Masters Degree in petroleum geoscience. I have engaged in a industry sponsored research project. I have also completed BSc (Hons) in Geology and achieved a first class award with certificate of excellence.

Candidate Id: 17526 Profession: Geoscientist
Current Status: Employed Preferred Status: Permanent or Contract
Energy Industry Years: 25 Preferred Salary: 70-80K GBP
Availability: 1 Month Preferred Title: Exploration Data Manager & system Administrator
Skills Excel, Landmark Suite, OpenWorks, Petrel, Seismic Interpretation, StratiMagic
Keywords: Exploration Data Management /System Administrator & Seismic Interpretation-Installing and Administering Unix / Linux system in heterogeneous network environment, Installing and Application Support of Landmark &Schlumberger System Applications, 2D and 3D seismic data loading
Profile: Installing and Administering Unix / Linux system in heterogeneous network environment- Planning and applying proper client-server installations via utilization of NFS, NIS and auto mount tools- Installing and Application Support of Landmark System Applications (Openwork's, Seatwork's , StratWorks, ZMAP,Syntool & GeoProbe ) - Installing and Application Support of Schlumberger System Applications GeoFrame Iesx, Open Spirit & Petrel.- 2D and 3D seismic data loading by OpenWorks, Geoframe.GeoData Management ( Creating loading well data , well data transfer )- Data copying and tape drive tech.

Candidate Id: 21457 Profession: Geoscientist
Current Status: Postgraduate Preferred Status: Permanent
Energy Industry Years: 13 Preferred Salary: 40-45K GBP (300-350 GBP/day)
Availability: 1 Month Preferred Title:
Skills @Risk, Kingdom Suite
Keywords: Geology, Geophysics,Seismic interpreter
Profile: I am writing to show my interest in roles relating to Geology, Geophysics, Seismic interpretation etc. I am a Geoscientist with experience within the Oil and Gas industry specializing in seismic interpretation, reserve generation and well planning. I am currently studying for a Masters in Renewable Energy Engineering. I have worked in several roles offshore and onshore in the areas of: Field acquisition and QC of 3D PSTM/PSDM seismic data. Interval velocity modeling and depth conversion Prospective resource volume and reserve Generation Well planning Preparation of Geological Work programs I am a self-motivated individual with good teamwork ability, success and result driven. I am an excellent communicator and believe my previous skills, experience and determination would be a great asset in this role. Thanks in advance for your favorable consideration.

Candidate Id: 34438 Profession: Geoscientist
Current Status: Employed Preferred Status: Permanent
Energy Industry Years: 14 Preferred Salary: 120-140K USD (600-700 USD/day)
Availability: Preferred Title:
Skills Kingdom, Landmark Suite, OpenWorks, Petrel,
Keywords: Petrel, Geolog, Kingdom, OpenWorks (R2003 & R5000), DecisionSpace Desktop, SeisWorks, StartWokrs, ZMAPPlus, Seismic and well data management, Linux and Unix administration, system administration, DSIS, DSPP, DSDQ, ProMAX, SeisSpace, Data Migration from Petrel to OpenWorks system analyst
Profile: I have been working for 14 years and have worked on many assignments/projects internationally on behalf of the world’s leading organization. I have extensive knowledge and experience of work involved here. My key role here is to provide data management support to clients on behalf of the company. My skills are not only limited to subsurface data management, migration, QA/QC but I am also highly skilled in Application support and project report writing, and system administration. I can work with a team also have the ability to work unsupervised.

Candidate Id: 29106 Profession: Geoscientist
Current Status: Employed Preferred Status: Permanent
Energy Industry Years: 0 Preferred Salary:
Availability: 3 Months Preferred Title: Geoscientist
Skills PetroMod, Seismic Interpretation
Keywords: carbonate diagenesis, dolomitisation, reservoir quality, basin modelling, seismic interpretation, facies and microfacies analysis, geological maps, geophysical logs, geophysical exploration, basins analysis, sedimentology.
Profile: Petroleum Geoscientist specialised in basin analysis and modelling, fluid-flow in porous media, image processing of X-ray CT data, pore-network modelling, carbonate petrography and diagenesis, reservoir characterisation, sequence stratigraphy and fieldworks for geological mapping.

Candidate Id: 8887 Profession: Geoscientist
Current Status: Unemployed Preferred Status: Permanent or contract
Energy Industry Years: 23 Preferred Salary:
Availability: Immediate Preferred Title: geoscientist
Skills Seismic Interpretation
Keywords: Geoscientist, pre-sales, Business development, Application Support, Workflow consulting, Team Lead, geophysicist, onsite support, account management
Profile: A Geophysicist with over 20 years of experience in the petroleum geoscience software industry. Wide-ranging background incorporating a variety of technical, support, pre-sales and managerial roles. Experienced business development professional with strong client-facing and negotiation skills.

Candidate Id: 16167 Profession: Geoscientist
Current Status: Employed Preferred Status: Permanent
Energy Industry Years: 6 Preferred Salary: 50-60K GBP (800-900 GBP/day)
Availability: Unknown Preferred Title:
Skills Eclipse, Geolog, Kingdom Suite, OpenWorks, Petrel
Keywords: Developing prospects to drillable status,2D/3D seismic interpretation and mapping, attribute extractions, seismic modelling, reservoir and fluid prediction.
Profile: Interpretation of seismic data and well log data to determine hydrocarbon potentials, local and regional structural styles. Interpretation of well log seismic, core/cuttings, and biostratigraphic data to determine depositional environments and sequence stratigraphy. Integration of all available data to provide regional stratigraphic, structural, and petroleum systems framework, development of regional geologic history. Interface with other geoscientist to ensure proper evaluation pre exploration activities leading to a high success rate on to development and production activities

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