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Results for Management Oil and Renewable Energy Consultants
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Candidate Id: 17584 Profession: Management
Current Status: Employed Preferred Status: Permanent or contract
Energy Industry Years: 16 Preferred Salary: 80-90K EUR (450-500 GBP/day)
Availability: 3 Months Preferred Title:
Skills COREL GRAPHICS, MS OFFICE, MS Windows, NEBOSH International, Operations Management, Project Management, TOP SET Incident investigation
Keywords: Operations Manager, Project Manager, Shore Manager for Marine operations, Party Chief - Field operations, HSE MS design and implementation, Seismology, Engineering Geology Seismic data acquisition, QC, geoelectrical tomography, EM surveys, Seismological networks, OBC - TZ surveys
Profile: 15+ years of geophysical exploration experience, both from data acquisition and field operations to interpretation of various geophysical applications. Great experience in HSE Management systems design, implementation, communication and auditing. 10 + years in field operations management both land and TZ / OBC 6+ years in Marine Operations shore support with experience performing in numerous countries worldwide.

Candidate Id: 54067 Profession: Management
Current Status: Contractor\Self Employed Preferred Status: Permanent or contract
Energy Industry Years: 31 Preferred Salary:
Availability: 1 Month Preferred Title:
Keywords: Qualified and experienced Assessor and Internal Verifier plus Supervisory/Trainer/Coach/Co-ordinator/Consultancy experience for Oil & Gas Production and Refining. Supervisory plus competence assessment and training both Onshore & Offshore Production, Refinery Operations and Chemical Plant.
Profile: I have many years professional experiences as supervisor and Control Room Operator plus overseas in numerous countries around the world, including many years in the Middle East. During my long employment I gained both supervisory and commissioning experience, I was responsible for the day to day operation incorporating but not limited to: preparing daily reports for management for operator sickness and cover, plant anomalies/issues, RCA (utilising the S.M.A.R.T approach), hot-work PTW’s, equipment maintenance schedule, emergency response issues including breaking of containment, environmental irregularities/discrepancies such as over flaring and conducting process upset reports, leading by example, conducted TBT’s, chaired safety meetings and evaluated safety aspects and recorded any concerns raised, I also possess over 12 years as control room DCS operations experience.

Candidate Id: 50731 Profession: Management
Current Status: Unemployed Preferred Status: Permanent or contract
Energy Industry Years: 30 Preferred Salary: 100-120K EUR (500-600 EUR/day)
Availability: Immediate Preferred Title: SAME
Skills ADVISOR, MS Excel, PetroWorks
Keywords: oil gas and refinery professional jobs. construction commissioning trainer operations, commissioning,DCS FAT SAT Simualiton trainer PMC
Profile: I have worked extensively in the energy sector (petroleum refinery units FCCU,CRUDE UNITS,COKER,LPG UNITS,MTBE and gas plant) for about 25 years in India and also in the mid-east. I bring to the fore excellent operational knowledge and assistance in systems development in the energy sector.

Candidate Id: 1631 Profession: Management
Current Status: Contractor\Self Employed Preferred Status: Permanent or contract
Energy Industry Years: 0 Preferred Salary: 160-180K USD (1200-1300 USD/day)
Availability: Immediate Preferred Title: Digital Transformation Mgr
Keywords: Digital Transformation, Business Strategy, Collaboration, Information Management, Knowledge Management, Data Management, Workflow Engineering, Business Process, Inter-disciplinary, Planning, Project Management, Program Design, Geoscience, Marketing, business development, data solutions, consultancy, communication, trusted advisor, consultant, analysis, requirements gathering, business case development, value-add, information solutions
Profile: A Digital Transformation Consultant with 17 years’ achievement in Upstream digital transformation, technology consulting, collaboration, transformational change, strategy development, information management and thought leadership within Upstream energy. Proven leadership skills in motivating globally dispersed teams to deliver technological solutions focussing on recognisable benefits, for customers in more than 30 countries covering the Middle East, Europe and Africa. Very personable and quickly able to gain trust and respect from colleagues. He therefore builds new relationships rapidly, obtaining information regarding actual (not perceived) ‘current states’ of digital transformation activities and programmes, engaging in collaborative problem solving and focusing on value delivery. He bridges the perceived gap between real quantifiable needs of a business, and deployment of technology and services to achieve those ambitions.

Candidate Id: 57368 Profession: Management
Current Status: Employed Preferred Status: Permanent or contract
Energy Industry Years: 5 Preferred Salary: 50-60K USD
Availability: Immediate Preferred Title:
Skills General,
Keywords: MBA with more than 15 years of experince
Profile: Pride in Organizational Values and Mission. ? Tracks and Measures Staff Performance. ? Solid background in market research or consulting. ? Willingness to work in a growing and changing environment. ? Communicates Effectively. ? Critical Thinking - Using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems ? Complex Problem Solving - Identifying complex problems and reviewing related information to develop and evaluate options and implement solutions. ? Judgment and Decision Making - Considering the relative costs and benefits of potential actions to choose the most appropriate one.

Candidate Id: 4162 Profession: Management
Current Status: Employed Preferred Status: Permanent or contract
Energy Industry Years: 33 Preferred Salary: 80-90K GBP (500-600 GBP/day)
Availability: Unknown Preferred Title: Petroleum Manager, Business dev., representative
Skills Eclipse, Operations Management, special Shell applications
Keywords: Business development manager, petroleum engineering manager, technical manager,sales/marketing, expert Russia/CIS, Senior reservoir engineer, Senior economist, Representative,consultant
Profile: A professional petroleum engineer with 30 years international experience (18 years of management experience) with major oil companies, especially on reservoir/production engineering, economics, management and international consultancy, business development, strategic planning, sales/marketing, resident representative/co-ordinator. The last 10 years, mainly concentrated in the oil & gas industry of Russia and Caspian (CIS) area, with extensive consultancy work, field development, rehabilitation projects, well-completions and testing and local contacts in Europe and Eastern Europe. Will relocate to U.K. Soon

Candidate Id: 57301 Profession: Management
Current Status: Contractor\Self Employed Preferred Status: Contract
Energy Industry Years: 36 Preferred Salary: 140-160K EUR (1000-1100 EUR/day)
Availability: Immediate Preferred Title: Project Manager
Keywords: Project Manager
Profile: Seasoned Project Manager

Candidate Id: 2868 Profession: Management
Current Status: Contractor\Self Employed Preferred Status: Permanent or contract
Energy Industry Years: 16 Preferred Salary: 120-140K GBP (900-1000 GBP/day)
Availability: Unknown Preferred Title: Onshore Manager SubSurface/BD
Skills AIX, Appalachian Basin, AutoCad, C/C++, Canada, Caspian, Coda, Director Motor Vehicle Business, Far East, French, General Management, IBM, Linux, MicroMax, MS Windows 2000, MS Windows 95/98, MS Windows NT, North Sea, OASIIS, OmegA, PC, Persian/Arabian Gulf, Portfolio/Asset Management, Procurement, Resource Management, ROXANN, Sales/Business Development, SeisUp, SeisVision, SeisX, Shell Scripts, SUN, Sun Solaris, Uniras, UNIX, West Africa / Angola
Keywords: COO, MD, Executive, Shale, Unconventional, Business Development, Onshore, Management, Asset Management, Project Management, Budgeting, IR, Completions, Wellsite, Site Survey, Seismic Data Processing, Seismic QC, Geohazard, Shallow Gas, Cable Route, Pipeline Route, Pipeline Ins
Profile: Multi-skilled and highly motivated, Senior Exec with 20 years in Industry UK Chartered Geologist and North American P.Geo licences. 12 years as C-Suite/VP-Ex/Exploration Manager specialising in Junior Onshore and shale E&P. Combined technical, corporate, public market and strategic expertise for cross-functional Business Development and Exploration Management roles. Excellent management, networking and company building skills. Previously gained 8 years field experience in marine geophysical investigations in most of the world's hydrocarbon provinces. Highly tuned ability to improvise and problem solve. E Fluent French

Candidate Id: 57243 Profession: Management
Current Status: Contractor\Self Employed Preferred Status: Permanent or contract
Energy Industry Years: 0 Preferred Salary: EUR (600-700 USD/day)
Availability: Immediate Preferred Title: Organisation change manager
Keywords: OCM, Agile, Project management
Profile: Organisation and Business Change Manager with 15 years international experience in leading complex and multilayered change programs for diverse industries such as Banking & Finance, IT & consulting, not for profit across the Asia Pacific (AP) countries from strategy to implementation.

Candidate Id: 57227 Profession: Management
Current Status: Employed Preferred Status: Permanent or contract
Energy Industry Years: 3 Preferred Salary: 120-140K USD (300-350 USD/day)
Availability: 1 Month Preferred Title: Senior HR Advisor
Keywords: Saudi Labour Law, HR Policies & Procedures, Offshore & Onshore staff proficiency, Employee Relations, Benefits Administration, Performance Management, Organizational Development, Talent Acquisition, Creating JDs, Staff Recruitment & Retention, Adherence to OHS safety procedures.
Profile: Result oriented human resource professional with extensive Middle East, Africa, India & Australian background in HR generalist affairs, employee recruitment & retention, staff development, mediation, conflict resolution, benefits and compensation, HR records management, HR policies development and legal compliance. Demonstrated success in negotiating win-win compromises, developing teambuilding programs, and writing corporate policies, job descriptions, and management reports. An engaging manager with a broad mix of team dynamics and agendas, and a strong ability to quickly build relationships and gain credibility with key stakeholders.

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