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Results for Geophysics Oil and Renewable Energy Consultants
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Candidate Id: 50142 Profession: Geophysics
Current Status: Unemployed Preferred Status: Permanent or contract
Energy Industry Years: 16 Preferred Salary: 160-180K EUR (500-600 EUR/day)
Availability: 16 Sep 2017 Preferred Title:
Skills General, Promax
Keywords: 16 years experience offshore as geophysicist and party chief. Energy Manager Master and MBA in International Business currently in progress.
Profile: I am an Italian Geophysicists with a multiyear experience gained within international environment in the Oil and Gas sector. I worked offshore on seismic vessels for 16 years in international and multicultural environments in North Sea, West Africa, America, Asia, Australia. My role as offshore chief geophysicist involves being responsible for the data quality of the seismic surveys that the vessel undertakes. I have been managing multiple complex projects with numerous challenges, that being in relation to the contract, client, or location of survey. I built confidence with the clients I worked for and I have strong knowledge in all aspects of the role; technical insight, management of teams, tender reviews, risk management, project planning and project execution. I always showed enthusiasm to explore new areas and I like to be presented to new challenges. Working in Seismic Operations also means continuously working in new countries with new cultures, it means managing projects with multiple risks and being able to adapt to change very quickly. In 2016, I took a Master diploma in Energy Management Systems with attestation as Energy Management Systems Lead Auditor: I learnt about the energy market and the EU institutions involved in it. Currently I am attending an MBA in International Business at MIB School of Management in Trieste: in this way, I enriched my competences in economics, finance, accounting, strategy, human resources, marketing, strategy and leadership dynamics. Therefore, I am looking for a job in an international contest where my past job experience, what I recently studied and my soft-skills can match all together. I am not necessarly looking for offshore positions.

Candidate Id: 38663 Profession: Geophysics
Current Status: Employed Preferred Status: Permanent or contract
Energy Industry Years: 9 Preferred Salary: 80-90K GBP
Availability: 01 Jul 2018 Preferred Title: Senior Geophysicist
Skills ArcGIS, Depth Conversion, GeoTeric, GeoX, Matlab, Paradigm Suite, Petrel, Prospect Evaluation, Prospect Generation, Quantitative interpretation, Reservoir Characterisation, Rock Physic, RokDoc, Seismic Attributes, Seismic Interpretation, Seismic sequence stratigraphy, Well operations
Keywords: 3D and 2D seismic interpretation and visualisation, prospect generation and maturation, geophysical risking of amplitude-supported prospects, seismic attribute analysis, depth conversion, well planning and operations, seismic reservoir characterisation and reservoir modelling, rock physics and quantitative seismic analysis (AVO and inversion).
Profile: A geophysicist with nine years of industry experience at several operators in multiple countries. Experience in business development, exploration, and field development, primarily in West African basins but with exposure to NW Europe, GoM, Russia, Onshore USA, and Brazil. Dominantly in a geoscience interpretation role, while also incorporating rock physics and quantitative seismic analysis into prospect evaluation and risking. Experienced with drilling operations, including planning and executing ultra-deepwater exploration and appraisal wells. Strong communication and interpersonal skills, as a result of working on multi-disciplinary teams, intercontinental interactions with drilling teams and contractors, negotiating with NOCs and partners, and participating in business development deals.

Candidate Id: 17565 Profession: Geophysics
Current Status: Contractor\Self Employed Preferred Status: Permanent or contract
Energy Industry Years: 28 Preferred Salary: 140-160K USD (900-1000 USD/day)
Availability: 1 Month Preferred Title: Staff geophysicist or geoscientist
Skills ArcGIS, AVO, Geoframe, IESX, Kingdom Suite, Landmark, MS Excel, Petrel, Seismic Interpretation
Keywords: 2D/3D/4D seismic interpretation, prospect mapping, well proposal, basin study, new venture business evaluations, data room reviews, geophysical software Petrel / Landmark / Kingdom / GeoFrame
Profile: 1. Over 20 years’ experience with international exploration & development operators. 2. A proven oil finder with traceable record, significant contributor to successful asset acquisitions of new venture business. 3. Highly proficient in seismic interpretation, petroleum geology, prospect mapping & maturation, time-depth conversion, attribute analysis, VSP, DHI, AVO, etc. 4. Expertise in basin assessment of various petroleum systems with diverse source rocks, reservoirs and play types in different kind of basins globally. 5. Experienced mentor of juniors.

Candidate Id: 13530 Profession: Geophysics
Current Status: Contractor\Self Employed Preferred Status: Permanent or contract
Energy Industry Years: 16 Preferred Salary: 80-90K GBP (600-700 GBP/day)
Availability: Immediate Preferred Title: Geoscience Data manager
Skills Geoframe, IESX, Landmark, OpenWorks, Petrel, PetroBank, Promax, SeisWorks
Keywords: Geoscience Application Support, Technical Account Manager, Client Services Manager
Profile: A professional Geoscience Data Management expert with 16 years of extensive subsurface technical and data science knowledge in E&P data and applications. I offer dynamic range of technical competencies and capabilities which is gained by working with world’s leading multinational services and E&P companies worldwide. Core Competencies ? Subsurface Data Management (Seismic & Wells) ? G&G Workflow & Applications Support ? Project Management ? Business Intelligence & Analytics ? Data Architecture & Data Science ? Managing Big Data & Information lifecycle ? Data Quality & Rationalization ? Technical Solutions & Client based advisory ? Business Analysis & Client Engagement ? Team Leadership & Management ? Data Investigations & Resolutions ? Influencing Skills, Assertiveness Skills ? Information Management G&G/DM Applications Expertise ? Petrel 2015-2016 ? Studio Manager 2014 – SQL Environment ? Cegal - Blueback Project Tracker (Admin/Web) ? Applications License Management ? OpenWorks, SeisWorks (R5000) ? Geoframe - IESX ? PetroBank MDS ? Power Explorer, CDS ? ProSource, eSearch ? RokDoc 1D2D ? Windows & Unix/Linux Platforms /MS Office ? EDMS (SharePoint, Documentum, Livelink)

Candidate Id: 57395 Profession: Geophysics
Current Status: Contractor\Self Employed Preferred Status: Permanent or contract
Energy Industry Years: 28 Preferred Salary: 80-90K GBP (500-600 GBP/day)
Availability: Immediate Preferred Title: Senior Project Manager
Skills ARCVIEW, , AutoCad, Kingdom Suite, Microstation, MS Excel, Oasis Montage, Promax
Keywords: Senior Project Manager
Profile: A practical, driven and enthusiastic individual that is focused and committed to meet project objectives, with over 28 years’ experience in various roles for telecommunications, renewable energy, oil and gas and construction projects. An ability to work and deliver multiple projects to deadlines under high pressure situations combined with excellent management and organisational skills and a thorough approach to the fundamental basics of the project control loop, ensuring essential risk management with key stakeholders to minimise loss and maximise profitability.

Candidate Id: 50300 Profession: Geophysics
Current Status: Contractor\Self Employed Preferred Status: Permanent or contract
Energy Industry Years: 7 Preferred Salary: 80-90K USD (450-500 USD/day)
Availability: 1 Month Preferred Title: Field/Project Engineer
Keywords: Seismic Acquisition/Navigation, Navigation Hardware Maintenance,
Profile: Certified Project Management Professional proposing and executing successful strategies leading to effective operational excellence, improved work ethics and workplace efficiency. GeoEngineer with 7 years experience in the oil and gas industry - specifically in the areas of Seismic Operations, Project Execution, Project Planning, Seismic Navigation data processing and Health, Safety and Environment. Highly experienced various aspects of oilfield service operations including Navigation support, supply chain, Health Safety and Environment, Sales, Quality Assurance and Marine Operations. Excellent spoken and written communication skills and people management skills – worked as a shift leader (managing small teams of about 6 people) and liaising with clients and office management.

Candidate Id: 57300 Profession: Geophysics
Current Status: Unemployed Preferred Status: Permanent or contract
Energy Industry Years: 28 Preferred Salary: EUR
Availability: 1 Month Preferred Title:
Keywords: Exploration, geophysics, basin evaluation, global knowledge
Profile: Seasoned exploration geoscientist with 28 years of industry experience. Global advisor roles have provided extensive hands-on exposure to geophysical and exploration activities in a wide range of geological settings. Proven track record as mentor and technical coach for new technical professionals. Active involvement in training as teacher, course builder and graduate programme designer. Member of steering group for exploration and geophysics research planning.

Candidate Id: 47509 Profession: Geophysics
Current Status: Contractor\Self Employed Preferred Status: Permanent or contract
Energy Industry Years: 11 Preferred Salary: 100-120K GBP (350-400 GBP/day)
Availability: Immediate Preferred Title: exploration geophysicist
Skills AVO, Model building, nDI GeoSigns, Omega - Suite , Omega WesternGeco, Petrel, PostStack, project management, Quantitative interpretation, Seismic Interpretation,
Keywords: Seismic acquisition, marine/land 2D, 3D, 4D, OBC, Time and Depth processing, velocity modeling building, Interpretation, QI, inversion analysis, QC, Inversion, project management
Profile: 11 years of technical expertise in Geophysics working for service/multiclient and operation company in Russia, USA, UK, Norway, Europe and Africa as seismic acquisition/processing/QC, interpreter, workflow adviser, software development, depth imaging, QI. Extensive seismic data and project management experience. Ability to integrate with a multi-national team to deliver a product in a different working and client requirements conditions, quickly adapt to new technical challenges and a lack of fear of failure. In the last 3 years has been successfully working on multidisciplinary projects and effectively collaborate with stakeholders from different sectors of society. A pragmatic man who leads by example and motivate colleagues to deliver. Proficient in Petrel and PRIMA, Omega, SMART, NDI easily adapt to a new software. Actively looking for new opportunities.

Candidate Id: 57298 Profession: Geophysics
Current Status: Contractor\Self Employed Preferred Status: Permanent or contract
Energy Industry Years: 0 Preferred Salary: EUR
Availability: 1 Month Preferred Title: Petroleum Geophysicist
Keywords: Hydrocarbons research and exploration, geotechnical studies of soils and rocks, geophysical studies.
Profile: consultant Geophysicist , experiences in geotechnical environment as well as site investigation, soil and rock samples, interpretation of laboratory results test, calculation of the lift and settlement of the soil. Stream sediments sampling for geochemistry analysies, seismic interpretation and reservoir characterization using Petrel and Excel softwares.

Candidate Id: 57240 Profession: Geophysics
Current Status: Contractor\Self Employed Preferred Status: Permanent or contract
Energy Industry Years: 18 Preferred Salary: EUR
Availability: Immediate Preferred Title:
Skills MS Excel, Petrel, Seismic Interpretation
Keywords: Team player, personable, excellent Communication skills. Creative and self motivated. Proficient with SeisWare, LogM, GeoSyn, Geoscout, AttributeStudio, and Microsoft Office applications. Quality control of seismic data processing. Micro seismic, geomechanics, gravity & magnetic analysis.
Profile: Geophysicist with 18 years of oil and gas exploration and development who consistently supports team in drilling, exploration and prospect generation. 5 years experience processing marine seismic data. Creative and personable team player. Diverse rock experience in the Canadian Western Sedimentary Basin interpreting 2D and 3D data. Led 2 micro seismic programs to aid in completion techniques which reduced costs. Interpreted and presented micro-seismic project results to multi-disciplinary team. Capable full cycle development from the ground up, assessment to drilling.

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