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Results for Engineering Energy Industry Consultants
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Candidate Id: 85389 Profession: Engineering
Current Status: Unemployed Preferred Status: Permanent or contract
Energy Industry Years: 17 Preferred Salary: 80-90K GBP (1000-1100 GBP/day)
Availability: Preferred Title:
Skills CO2 Sequestration, Eclipse, Excel, Mbal, Middle East, MS PowerPoint, North Africa, North Sea, Norway, OFM, PEEP, Petrel, PROSPER, Saphir
Keywords: reservoir engineering, petroleum engineering, reservoir management, well test analysis, Kappa Saphir, Topaze RTA, well test/DST planning, Eclipse simulator, tNavigator simulator, CMG simulation (IMEX/Builder/GEM EOR/STARS), history matching, coreflood simulation, Kappa Rubis simulator, water flood analysis, IOR / EOR screening, static modelling, Petrel-RE, conventional, unconventional, field development plan update, horizontal wells, multi-lateral wells, oil, retrograde gas condensate, gas, production optimisation, surveillance data QAQC, mature field rejuvenation, infill well & workover proposals, ranking reservoirs, field performance evaluation, reserves and resources valuation, PRMS, risk/ uncertainty analysis, fractured carbonate reservoirs, tight reservoirs, clastic reservoirs, geophysics, petrophysics quick look, temperature (DTS) analysis using Emeraude, well test AICD, PVT analysis, compositional EOS, PVTSim Nova, SCAL, analytical modelling, rate transient analysis, material balance, Petex MBAL, well performance modelling, Petex Prosper, stimulation design, hydraulic frac design, geomechanics, gas lift design, ESP design (optimisation), well unloading modelling, reconciliation of production data, formation damage, formation evaluation, completion concepts, production optimisation (e.g., well offtake, water shut-off, well integrity logs), new technology applications, carbon capture & storage, geothermal modelling (Stars), advanced wells (Stars), budgets, report writing, joint operating agreements, economic analysis, risk analysis "Value of Information" (Bayes' theorem in Excel), coordinating, and peer-review.
Profile: Specialist/senior reservoir engineer with wide-ranging experience including peer-review, appraisal and field development studies, reservoir simulation model building, well test analysis, Reserves & Resources evaluation, and drilling/well production operations. Examples of achievements include improving field economic recovery, problem solving and controlling costs. 17 years' experience, is diligent, inventive, resourceful, well organised, reliable, self-motivated, committed to quality and has good leadership skills. Current skills include advanced well test interpretation (Kappa Topaze/Saphir/Rubis simulation/AICDs), reservoir simulation model construction and history matching (CMG IMEX/GEM CO2 flood/WAG EOR/CMOST assisted history matching/STARS advanced wells and chemical EOR, Eclipse/Petrel-RE, tNavigator, and Kappa Rubis), production forecasting, prospect evaluation, Reserves & Resources valuation, field monitoring, production data analysis, reservoir management, field performance studies (sustainable rate & recovery factor), retrograde gas condensate & oil, classical reservoir engineering (e.g. PVTSim Nova, SCAL, MDT, DCA, RTA and MBAL), QL petrophysics, reservoir characterisation, geomechanics, stimulation design, completion concepts, optimisation (e.g., well off-take, water shut-off, frac spacing, waterflood, artificial lift, and well integrity logs), mature field rejuvenation (e.g., infill well/workover proposals), economic analysis, risked value of information (Bayes' theorem Excel-based), geothermal modelling (Stars), Carbon Capture (CCS) considerations, training and mentoring. Recent software training includes CMG IMEX/BUILDER/GEM CO2 EOR/CMOST AI/WinProp/STARS (advanced wells, ASP Flood), geothermal simulation, tNavigator simulation by RFD, Eclipse/Petrel-RE webinars, Kappa-Server, Saphir, Rubis and Topaze.

Candidate Id: 87942 Profession: Engineering
Current Status: Employed Preferred Status: Permanent or contract
Energy Industry Years: 7 Preferred Salary:
Availability: Preferred Title:
Skills Excel, Mbal, OFM, PROSPER, Saphir
Keywords: production technology, reservoir engineer, well, reservoir and facility management, WRFM, contract, remote, FDP, studies, well optimisation, IPSM
Profile: I am a senior petroleum engineer with strong technical expertise in oil and gas well and reservoir development/management developed while working and consulting for several E&P firms and service providers. I am contacting you for a production technologist position in any of your client's organizations. Over the years working for operators and services providers, and working in multidisciplinary teams, I have developed an in-depth understanding and expertise in the principles of petroleum engineering and well/reservoir development. I have a strong background in production technology as I have participated in and led several production optimization projects, campaigns for STOG opportunity identification (bypassed opportunities, gaslift opportunities, WSO/GSO opportunities), production performance evaluation projects, delivered well and reservoir models for IPSM, development of recovery plans for producing/closed-in wells, WRFM data acquisition campaigns, automation of routines for exception-based surveillance, asset reviews, and production forecasting across several OMLs in Nigeria. However, what makes me a strong candidate for this position is my integrated understanding of the entire production system from the reservoir to the facilities, wherein I have also developed technical expertise evident in the projects I have engaged in and led with respect to reservoir modelling and management, PVT modelling, integrated asset reviews, and integrated production system modelling. These have further improved my production technology skills in relating reservoir energy dynamics to well performance, petrophysical properties distribution/heterogeneities to production performance modelling and evaluation, production forecasting for business planning processes, reserves classification and management, process facilities distribution/layout on well performance, and integrated effect of the entire production system on optimal asset management. In addition, I have proficient knowledge in core well and reservoir management tools like PROSPER, MBAL, GAP, SEPAL amongst others. Coupled with proficiency in mathematics and several programming languages like VBA & python. I have also developed skills in technical communications, project management, leadership, and delivering professional training to industry professionals locally and globally.

Candidate Id: 57411 Profession: Engineering
Current Status: Employed Preferred Status: Permanent or contract
Energy Industry Years: 11 Preferred Salary:
Availability: 1 Month Preferred Title: Senior Reservoir Engineer
Skills Eclipse, Excel, Mbal, OFM, Petrel, PIPESIM, PROSPER, Saphir
Keywords: Reservoir Petroleum Engineer
Profile: Experienced Reservoir Engineer in sandstone & carbonate reservoirs with 11+ years of experience in the oil & energy industry. Skilled in reservoir management, reservoir simulation, field development planning, integrated field studies, waterflooding management, production data analysis, reserve estimation, pressure transient analysis, PLT interpretation, forecasting, production allocation & acid stimulation. Strong engineering professional with a Bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering, PMP certified project manager from PMI and working on MBA degree Selected by the Ministry of Petroleum for the Middle Management Program (Fast Track group). o Finished the 7 months fast track development program for Middle Managers provided by Kuwait Energy Egypt (UEG company) after the memorandum of understanding between Kuwait Energy & Ministry of petroleum, the program included assessments, Advanced Management Course at UK (Ashridge - Hult International Business School), On-job training & other multiple training courses. Technical Skills: Water Injection Management & Optimization. o Reservoir Studies (RCAL, SCAL & PVT data analysis) o Reservoir Simulation (Petrel RE, Eclipse). o Sandstone & Carbonate Reservoir management including: ? Field development planning & integrated field studies. ? Reserve Estimation & reporting (MBAL, I H S Harmony RTA & Topaze software) ? Provide reservoir engineering input into drilling and work over programs. ? Provide reservoir engineering input into stimulation programs (Frac. & acid jobs) ? Establishing surveillance plan, and follow up performance progress on weekly basis. ? Open-hole and cased-hole logs analysis. ? Production data analysis & well monitoring (OFM, I H S Harmony RTA software) ? Field production forecast (OFM & I H S Harmony RTA software) ? Well modeling & productivity estimation (Prosper & Amethyste software) ? Well geologic correlation with offsets (Petrel RE software) o Acid Stimulation design & Implementation. o Well testing Design & Analysis (Saphir software). o PLT job design, operation & data interpretation (Emeraude Software) o Production back allocation & reservoir database management. o MDT Job operation & data analysis. o Top management & board Members technical presentations for company performance review. o Preparing reservoir proposals / studies and presenting them in periodic operation meetings. o Communication with geology specialists.

Candidate Id: 28785 Profession: Engineering
Current Status: Employed Preferred Status: Permanent or contract
Energy Industry Years: 10 Preferred Salary: 100-120K GBP (400-450 GBP/day)
Availability: Immediate Preferred Title:
Skills Crystal Ball, Eclipse, OFM, PROSPER, Saphir
Keywords: Reservoir Engineer
Profile: A highly motivated self-starter with a track record of delivering engineering technical excellence and a strong belief in multidisciplinary teamwork. With 10 years E&P experience, an entrepreneurial mindset and solid technical background with experience in the North Sea, Bolivia and the US. Expertise includes field development planning, integrated reservoir studies, production optimization, decision tree analysis, petroleum economics and engineering project management for both onshore and offshore assets.

Candidate Id: 34398 Profession: Engineering
Current Status: Employed Preferred Status: Contract
Energy Industry Years: 30 Preferred Salary: 180-200K GBP (450-500 GBP/day)
Availability: 3 Months Preferred Title: Sr Petr/Reservoir Engineer
Skills Eclipse, Mbal, PEEP, PROSPER
Keywords: Reservoir Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Development Planning & Field Development Plan, Due Diligence, M&A, Commercial, Strategy, Start-up, Gas-condensate, Asset Valuation
Profile: Over 30 years of broad based Technical Professional with a strong reservoir/ petroleum engineering background and extensive knowledge of Oil and Gas Exploration and Production. Excellent analytical and E&P modelling/computer skills, able to prepare and evaluate complex life-cycle development schemes and pursue ambitious exploration and appraisal strategies. Fully aware of studies work-flow and the required integration of geoscience and engineering data to maximise assets value. Commercially focused with a keen sense of business development. Fully aware of asset acquisition work-flow. Extensive Nigeria experience which include Benin basin.

Candidate Id: 54034 Profession: Engineering
Current Status: Employed Preferred Status: Permanent or contract
Energy Industry Years: 16 Preferred Salary: 50-60K USD (200-250 USD/day)
Availability: 1 Week Preferred Title:
Skills Construction Safety, Drill Monitoring, Geolog, Petrel, QHSE for Supervisors
Keywords: Projects Safety, Safety Management System, Well Bore Stability, Drilling, Geology, HSE
Profile: More than 15 years of professional work experience both in onshore and offshore. Well experienced in performing site and offshore survey, preparation of detailed mud logging monitoring reports, taking part in rig up and rig down processes and performing the maintenance of the specific system that follow QHSE standards. I am a Projects Safety Coordinator working and implementing Safety Management System helping companies to improve their corporate growth and safety culture on work place. As a Well Bore Stability Specialist, I was highly instrumental in the drilling, completion, intervention, well monitoring, development and successful implementation of a drilling program for client and contractors, preparing End of Wells reports throughout Caspian region. Identifying safe drilling requirements throughout the all companies and cooperating with Well Site/ Team Leaders, I was responsible for devising a work plan and follow step by step procedures to successfully drilling process, monitoring the daily progress of well operations. Conducting DWOP, pre-shift and weekly safety meetings, I was instrumental in the development of highly productive and successful teams. Monitoring safety and ensuring the good maintenance of the well, coordinating and supervising the work of the drilling team, obtaining relevant data, carrying out engineering analysis on site, recommending necessary actions and writing up reports, allowed to save about USD 100-250K per each drilling well, improve the Service Quality, but the most important was the achievement of “zero accidents” and “zero man-hours lost”. Academically, I possess a bachelor’s degree in Teaching and have completed a large number of technical training courses. I fully understand the importance of appropriate training and am committed to further professional development. My key qualities include my multilingual communication and interpersonal skills, I also possess exceptional technical, analytical and problem

Candidate Id: 61519 Profession: Engineering
Current Status: Contractor\Self Employed Preferred Status: Permanent or contract
Energy Industry Years: 28 Preferred Salary: (1000-1100 USD/day)
Availability: Immediate Preferred Title:
Skills Crystal Ball, Eclipse, Mbal, Pansystem, PROSPER, Saphir
Keywords: Petroleum, reservoir, production, field development, unconventional reservoirs, EOR, Well intervention, well testing, simulation, eclipse, stimulation, hydraulic fracturing, LNG, Gas Storage, Management
Profile: I have been evaluating and managing oil and gas wells, reservoirs and fields in various producing areas around the world for 30 years, primarily in Canada, the North Sea and the Middle East region. Activities include: field development planning, reservoir management of conventional and unconventional reservoirs, well design & construction, production operations, hydraulic fracturing and stimulation, executive management and strategic decision making across a wide range of development scenarios: oil, condensate, gas, onshore, offshore, first production, mature fields, EOR (using water, gas & CO2). Using standard industry software, Prosper, Gap, EPS, Kappa, Pansys, Eclipse and CMG. I am confident working in and leading multi-discplinary teams and interacting with partners, governments and other stakeholders to achieve results. And experienced in managing all the financial and governance aspects of oilfield development projects.

Candidate Id: 41977 Profession: Engineering
Current Status: Employed Preferred Status: Permanent or contract
Energy Industry Years: 30 Preferred Salary: 80-90K USD (350-400 USD/day)
Availability: Immediate Preferred Title: Welding Engineer - QC Engineer
Keywords: Chemical Plants Construction / Offshore Structure Construction
Profile: QC-Welding Engineer with more than 30 years experience in Chemical Plants/Offshore Structure construction (static equipment such piping, pressure vessels, storage tanks, metal structure)

Candidate Id: 85774 Profession: Engineering
Current Status: Preferred Status: Permanent or contract
Energy Industry Years: 1 Preferred Salary: 30-35K GBP (150-200 GBP/day)
Availability: Preferred Title:
Skills AutoCad, Matlab, MS PowerPoint, PIPESIM
Profile: Chemical Engineer, with a first class honours in MEng Chemical and Petroleum Engineering from the University of Surrey. I have experience in subsea oil and gas industry and experience in pilot plant testing, as part of my Industrial Placement year. I am looking for a position where I can grow as a professional and add value to the organization and at the same time help me develop my career further.

Candidate Id: 74016 Profession: Engineering
Current Status: Employed Preferred Status: Permanent or contract
Energy Industry Years: 14 Preferred Salary:
Availability: 2 Months Preferred Title:
Keywords: Reservoir engineering, Software Development, Machine Learning, Data Science, C++
Profile: Reservoir engineer, machine learning expert. As reservoir engineer, I have involved full field studies and completed from basic reservoir engineering to simulation duties. I have applied my machine learning knowledge at different domains in oil industry, such as automatic layer detection in pre-post stack seismic data, log prediction, production allocation etc.

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