Specialist Global Oil and Renewable Energy Recruitment

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    Festive Greetings
    From All the Staff at
    Working Smart
    Our offices will be closed from
    3pm on 22nd December 2017
    til 2nd January 2018.
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    5421 Active Oil and Gas Consultants
    156 Data Management
    210 Drillers
    732 Engineers
    214 General
    71 Geochemists
    1209 Geologists
    958 Geophysicists
    258 Geoscientists
    163 GIS
    225 Health & Safety
    316 IT
    577 Management
    53 Petrophysicists
    250 Sales and Marketing
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    Book-4 Global Energy Events
    Consolidating Training and Events for the Energy Industries
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    Global Placement of Oil and Gas:
    Geologists, Geophysicists, Geoscientists, Reservoir Engineers
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    Global Placement of Oil and Renewable Energy:
    Sales, Managerial, Business Development Staff
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    Global Placement of Renewable Energy Staff
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    Specialist Oil and Renewable Energy Executive Search
Latest Oil and Renewable Energy Jobs

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